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My tree house is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Discovery design is challenging us to design and build a tree house for the kids. This tree house will be for kids use. The tree house should be small and convenient. In this project the house is a 12 x 12 and meant for kids ages 9-14 year old's. Kids will have the opportunity to interact with other friends and have fun in this tree house. Tree houses are rare to see now a days with kids now wanting just wanting technology, but that's why its our challenge to create a tree house for kids to go outside and have fun distracting themselves with nature. This tree house should have a connection with nature, something that brings both nature and society together.


Collect Info

Here I searched up the recommendations on building a tree house. What's the average tree house size and even what are tree houses mostly built out of. Why they use those materials and where are tree houses mostly seen? The red arrows in the zoning analysis represent the traffic of cars going by, around 7-10 cars go by every 45 minutes or so. The blue sound waves on the zoning analysis show where most of the sound comes from. The site is near the Las Vegas Strip. It's not too loud but you can still hear quite some noise.


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Brainstorm Ideas

Here are some of the thoughts I had as I was thinking of the tree house requirements. The tree house can be a simple project but you have to keep in mind that safety is the top priority. Keep in mind that usually tree houses are meant for kids to have fun in and use.


sandeepsharma 1 month ago
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Develop Solutions

In developing solutions, I thought of what type of materials I would use, how the tree house would work and took brainstorming a bit further. Safety of the tree house is important, the design should be an easy use for kids.

Final Design

For the final design, I chose an old and grown tree to withhold this tree house's weight. The tree house has many windows and openings for views and ventilation. The tree is about 14 feet from ground level. Tree house uses a ladder to get up or down from it.