Gtony3021's Container House

Design a Container House


In the empty lot across the street from Curie high school. The house will go to a family who can afford to make these Containers there home. We have up to four containers that are 40 by 8 feet. When we construct these containers the alternate housing solution has completed its goal.


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Collect Info

The family that is going to live in house is a small family of four people. A father, mother, son, and daughter are in search for a container home. The adults are hoping to have a house to raise their children in. There is 30 to 125 feet of land for us to build this house on with 8 by 9 by 40 steel containers. It also seems as the containers are like lego blocks so by stacking and building over it, it becomes a much stronger and durable home. The family chose to use containers because of how eco friendly it is and it comes at a reasonable budget.

Brainstorm Ideas

At first I had an idea of making a little patio for the family between the two containers that were the bedrooms. Then I decided to switch it up and just connect the two containers making more room for the family to sleep in. A patio is still manageable to put in but that will be up to the family to do.

Develop Solutions

Let's start off with the living room which is pretty basic and has a couch, table, and a tv. There is also a little closet for the family to place there jackets in after a cold winter day in Chicago. Then the kitchen is connect to the living room and has the usual kitchen supplies; fridge, stove, dining table. Then right next to it is the laundry room which is pretty small but it does the job. At first I was having troubles with how I was going to design the kids room because it doesn't have regular shape so I placed the beds in front of the door that way if the children come home tired one day they can just hop right into bed. I placed a double desk on the right hand side of the room for when the kids come back from school and need to do homework. The parents room was a pretty easy make since it is just a bed, dresser, and a bathroom.

Final Design

The final design for the container home seems to be satisfactory since it has everything a regular house has and even more. There are two bathrooms in the container home. One of them is in the master bedroom and the second one is just outside the kids room and by the kitchen. The family of the house will have everything that a regular house would have for way less than a normal house would cost.