Hollie Elliott's Community Market

2018 National DiscoverDesign Competition:


• A lack of social interactions in the area can be brought together with the market concept better than retail stores or supermarkets • The market will create a space, not previously had, that provides unique opportunities for community exchange, gathering, and access to essential community resources • Building in the area known as a “food desert” will allow access to fresh and healthy foods • The transit located less than a mile away will provide easy access to the market and will improve flow into the market as it is a gateway for many communities • The lack of economic trades will increase as the market is an attraction and will benefit the community


tutobinuqo 24 days ago
Hollie Elliott’s community market is presenting the year 2018 national design discover design competition with the multiple headings. These contain the definition, collection of information, brainstorm ideas and many more opportunity in the wiseessays.com review of best and great kind for all natures and technical help.

Collect Info

I researched many different sites across the world to see what worked best and to get an idea for my project. I also researched the site I designed the building on and was able to see what worked best for the community.

Brainstorm Ideas

I closely analyzed the site and the area around it in order to get the best idea of what I was working with. I thought about the best spots to place the market, the building, and entrance points.

Develop Solutions

As I completed my drawings I was able to make an area for the community to come together. It provides an area in which people from all different age groups can enjoy an area together. The train station brings people from all over to enjoy the market. Local business's will benefit from the market as they are invited to sell their products.

Final Design

As many people go to the train station every morning and afternoon, this market will be a very accessed site. The long row of farmers market canopies allows for many vendors to sell their items to the variety of people passing by. Local food trucks and other local business' will be invited to sell their products as well. During the winter season we are partnered with local grocery stores to provide convenient pick up of fresh produce.

The building itself has many attractions for many age groups. A conference room is set up in a more quiet part of the building and can be used for business meeting, birthday parties, and so on. There is internet access and WIFI accessible by our computers which are set up for use to the public. An elevator allows for wheelchair access to the second floor. The café is open to many different vendors and attracts many customers especially in the winter season. This building brings the community together and brings revenue to the city.

With indoor and outdoor vendor space and food market, the site can be used year around. The large outdoor eating space is a cool place to hang during the summer and the indoor café is warm for the winter. Inside the building is 8 different rooms with curtain walls for vendors to sell when its chilly, and the open outdoor market all year around.


Competition Jury 2 years ago
Your design fits into the neighborhood structure well. The site is well planned and makes good use of both indoor and outdoor space. It reminds me of the Getty in LA. I'm not sure there is a need for a small business space so it would've been nice to see a bit of that justification in the research. I really like your site and zoning analysis.