Jamyooes's project

2017 National DiscoverDesign Competition: Library + Community Space Design


Using a once 75' x 125' parking space, a library will be constructed on Little Italy, Chicago. Construction of the library will give people access to resources and a walking distance to the local people. The library will provide resources, quiet work space, and community space to the local people. The University of Illinois at Chicago is relatively nearby which can serve as an alternative study area for the students.

Collect Info

At the area around the library there are many restaurants, cafes,and small shops. The University of Illinois at Chicago is relatively near the library too. Many of the houses are houses and small apartments. Little Italy has a lot of people in their 20's because there is an university nearby.

The Chicago public library hopes to offer programs and spaces for area children and families They also want each branch will include an early childhood active learning space and school-aged children will have access to the library’s teacher in the Library program which offers free one-on-one homework assistance. They also want teens to have access to classes that inspire exploration, creativity and learning through the YOUmedia program. They hope the new branch will also offer computer classes and one-on-one coaching to build digital literacy and technology skills for adults and seniors.

Some things I like about libraries is that people should have access to is the community centers like teen rooms or rooms meant for people to interact and talking. I like the libraries that have some open spaces because it feels relaxing to have a lot of space. In addition, in my favorite library there are spots where you can eat, read, and work.

Some ways the CCNY library is not so good is that there isn't any community spaces for people to talk and relax, there are no places to eat, and there aren't any areas like classrooms or auditorium.

Brainstorm Ideas

The surrounding area will impact the library because north of the library is the urban farm which can be used for a view. While west of the library is some shops and buildings, which could influence the placements of the windows.

Develop Solutions

These were my initial idea, but it looked more like a boat in real life.


rbenevage 2 years ago
Outstanding design. It provides artificial lighting which is a huge cost savings benefit. Don't knock your design. I never thought it resembled a boat until you mentioned.

Final Design

For the first floor, I decided to create a design for people for all ages to relax in a room. I created separate spaces for computer rooms and bookshelves. At the north part of the building, I created an area for a classroom for teens, college students, or elderly. The second floor has two rooms for children ages 5-12 while the other room is for toddlers from ages 1-5. The area outside these rooms are for quiet study and reading areas. The south part of the second floor is a conference room. The top floor is an area where people can eat and there is a cafe at the top of the building.