Jaya Nachnani: Earbuds

Rapid Design Charrette

Define the Problem

A common product that is used daily by people are earbuds. They allow you to use audio to your devices without distracting other people, which makes them so popular. The one issue for Apple consumers is that earbuds or headphones do not connect to every device as Apple improves their products annually. Apple has come up to a solution to this problem by inventing Airpods, where you can connect to Apple products using Bluetooth. The issue with this is that it is expensive and can be lost very easily. They also cannot connect to products that do not use Bluetooth, like the school laptops. Therefore, the average consumer may not want to invest their money into Airpods, forming a question of whether there can be cheaper earbuds that are more efficient.

Collect Info

The problem is finding a more efficient type of earbud for people to listen to music, instead of Airpods because they are minuscule and expensive. Another issue is that Airpods cannot connect to school laptops because they are outdated, so students would have to purchase basic earbuds or headphones for some classes too.

Brainstorm Ideas

-You could have an option to attach the basic earbud wires to Airpods, so they can connect to Bluetooth and have the option to connect to products that do not have Bluetooth. -You could create an adapter to the basic earbud that allows earbuds to plug into different models of Apple products.

Develop Solutions

I decided to design the adapter because it is more efficient and cheaper. In older Apple products, there is a specific place plug earbuds into your device, but with newer Apple products, earbuds plug into your charger. This changed the shape of the part of the earbud that plugs into your device. The adapter has the same wiring as the average earbud, and has the shape of newer earbuds that plug into the updated Apple iPhones, and they connect to older earbuds that plug into older Apple or average technological products. This allows someone to use their older earbuds with newer phone, instead of having to purchase different types of earbuds for different types of products.

Final Design

I designed an adapter for older Apple earbuds because with the adapter, they can connect to newer Apple phones or even Samsung products who will most likely follow the trend of different designs for earbuds soon. It is easier to access than Airpods because it is cheaper. It also allows people to use them on products that do not connect to Bluetooth, unlike Airpods. It plugs into the the older earbuds, so it can plug into newer Apple products, like the iPhone X. This is significant because the iPhone X earbuds plug into the same place as the charger, while older phone have another place to plug in headphones or earbuds, which means that a person must have to buy two different earbuds to fit their different devices.