Jaycee's Bus Shelter Redesign

Design a Bus Shelter


This Discovery Design Challenge is tasked with making a spacious and convenient spot for people to wait for a ride on their local bus system. Despite people usually only being within it a couple minutes at a time, it still has to suit the occupant's needs.


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Collect Info

I'll have my bus shelter nearby the main entrance of the Galleria Mall at Sunset. This way, any teenager or adult without transport can take the bus to wherever they needed to go. Since malls are places where hundreds of people go at a time, There would have to be multiple bus shelters around the entrance in case of a scenario where lots of people need to catch a ride on the bus at the same time. The plan is to have each bus shelter house at least 15 people, as well as withstand the weather.

Brainstorm Ideas

The transit map will be placed on the open back wall of the bus shelter so that the occupants can map out what route they'll go on when the bus arrives. I plan for the roof to be a box gable roof made from aluminum steel, along with a waterproof membrane to prevent dripping. People can relax while waiting on the long U-shaped corner chair that stretches across the bus shelter's 3 walls. I also drew a basic design of the bus shelter in AutoCAD. It's 20 feet wide, 28 feet in length and 26 feet in height.

Develop Solutions

White represents the walls and the roof , blue represents the windows, and red represents the U-shaped chair. As time went on, I made the windows smaller, but in the final TinkerCAD design, I removed them completely to avoid risk of an accident.

Final Design

The final overall design of the bus shelters and the site that they are on. It was made in TinkerCAD. I created the bus shelters, the land that they were on, the apartment complex and fence behind it, Galleria Mall itself, and the road leading to both locations. I based them off of the 3D simulated image in Google Earth/Maps, being created as accurately as possible.