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The purpose behind this comic is to go in depth about the numerous benefits a student receives by attending a CTE school but more specifically by attending Southeast Career and Technical Academy. One of the biggest benefits about a CTE school is that after graduating you are ready to go straight into the work filed and make good pay all while attending college at the same time. Southeast Career Technical Academy(Secta) makes students take a workplace readiness test and if they pass are given a stamp on their diploma which makes getting a job right out of high school much easier. The purpose of a CTE school is to give students a head start after graduating and they do this by having various different majors. Students take these major classes all 4 years and by completing this course are given a stamp and are more likely to get a job in that filed weather they get it by themselves or with help of their major teacher. At Secta you will learn employability skills and problem solving skills that you wouldn't learn at a non CTE school which ultimately give you a head start. Attending Secta means you are willing to put in the work and are serious about the major that you go into because the workload is heavy but it pays off in the end. This comic will tell students everything they need to know about Secta and all the benefits they receive here and wouldn't get somewhere else that isn't a CTE school.

Collect Info

I am making this comic to help students are thinking about going to a CTE school but aren't quite sure what a CTE school is or what it has to offer. This comic is targeted to middle school students that are about to come into highschool. A comic book would be the easiest way to portray what I know and have learned at Secta to new up and coming students. The most import thing that students have to know before attending Secta is that this school is for people who want to work and are serious about their major because of the heavy workload that is given out here. Yes, going to Secta will give you a head start in life after high school but you have to work for it and it only gets harder as the years go by but this is all to prepare you for college and entering the workfield. This shouldn't scare you because if your passionate about what you do it will only result in you enjoying the amount of work you do and the extra hours that you put in.

Brainstorm Ideas

My plan is to entice students to come to secta with my comic book by showing all the different majors offered here, the quality of education they will receive here, and all the other benefits they would get. My main point of focus will be the architectural design program here at Secta but will still go over and discuss some of the other major choices available for new students. One downside that is seen when going to a CTE school is that they have no sports but here at Secta we are the only CTE school where that is not the case because we do in fact offer sports here. This is a big plus for students who want to attend a CTE school but still want to play sports but don't want to go through the trouble of playing for another school while attending a CTE school. This and the fact that Secta is a five star school should help students with their choice on weather or not this is the school for them.

Develop Solutions (and get Feedback)

My solution to students who are confused on if a CTE school is for them is to make this comic book where the most important benefits are talked about as it would be the easiest way to share what I know. After visiting different websites I found that the graduation rate is much higher for students in a CTE program opposed to those who are not and this should be reason enough to want to come to SECTA. I turned to social media to get some feedback on weather or not students believed going the CTE route was worth it and in the attached imagine you can see 70% say yess. This poll had students between the ages of 15-17 and about 84 people voted.

Final Design

In conclusion, my reasoning for making this comic book is to inform middle school students why they should consider going to a CTE school but more specifically why they should attend secta. In this comic book I covered the benefits a student would receive if they were to attend Secta and some of those benefit sinclude the head start into the real world they would get and the employability skills you learn here. Secta has a numerous amount of majors that offer students countless opportunities to succeed and not many students quiet understand that. This comic book should hopefully clear up any questions a student going into highschool could be having and hopefully result in Secta seeing a bigger freshman class this up and coming year.