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JCheatham's Food Stand Design

Design a food stand for your school


The problem is that our school needs a food cart. This food cart needs to consist of a signage, a place to display food, a place for money to be stored securely, a place for some types of food to be refrigerated, a place for some types of food to be kept warm, additional storage space.


Felipa54 1 year ago
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JellyMin 5 months ago
The outside area with the pond and bridge with places to sit, shown in the photo. This is a nice scenic area for students to enjoy some food and admire the nature of the place. drywall installation near me

Collect Info

The school has many different hallways with quite a few different ways to get to each. The easiest area for people to visit for a quick snack would be the place close to the middle of the school. The outside area with the pond and bridge with places to sit, shown in the photo. This is a nice scenic area for students to enjoy some food and admire the nature of the place. Items that are currently available are definitely good for nutrition and are healthy choices for our students. We have sandwiches with many options such as fruits and vegetables. We could add a few things like nutrition bars and possibly items that contain protein for the student athletes.

Brainstorm Ideas

This food stand will most likely always be open unless there's a storm. The area always has lots of sunlight for a nicer look and to help keep the food the temperature they need to be. The vender who will be operating should be there from 9 am to 2 pm. This allowed the students to have hours of opportunity to grab something they want throughout the day. The food shouldn't be very expensive and the money should be handled with a cash register. The design will have the normal rectangular prism cart itself with a little fabric roof, such as your average food cart. On the side of the cart there will be a retractable bar so that you can push the cart into another spot easily with the wheels on the bottom. This cart will have our Wildcat logo on the fabric roof and on the front. It will also have the menu aside form the logo so people see their options. There will be a retractable grate as well that will close off the food from people as the vender closes up. A speaker playing low volume music will be implemented to give it more of a vibey mood. The stand will mostly be made of steel with a touch of wood on certain sections for a more modern look. The pictures posted are general idea of what the cart may look like.


jenniferdehner9 4 months ago
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Develop Solutions

I must design my model on paper, I will sketch the model in a rough draft and post pictures of the sketch to give a more alive visual of my idea. I will make a front view sketch, and a side view sketch, to allow a 3D look to the model.

Final Design

For the final design I will post my best sketches/pictures to give the viewers a better visual of what my idea of the food cart will be. I used the software called "SketchUp" to sketch out a rough daft to give a more colorful visual of what the cart will generally look like.