Pocket Park Design

jdelvillar2's Pocket Park Project

2015 National DiscoverDesign Competition: Pocket Park Design


You can park a bike anywhere, on a pole, on a fence, and on a regular public bike rack but the feature that all these lack is protection to the bike and placement for the bike. We need a bike rack that can hold our bikes that doesnt obstruct any sidewalk and that also provides protection to minimize chance of theft.


Collect Info

Theres some good satisfying bike racks around chicago but the majority of the bike racks are those loop or retangular metal racks but those bike racks lack protection from bike theifs that can just come and break your lock and also lack holding space to properly hold your bike.

Brainstorm Ideas

In my pocket park i will add a proper bike rack that will minimize bike theft and proper bike placement while people enjoy thier time at the community park. The park will have a community safe park with seating and loundging for children and adults as well as a play place for the children. the park will be creativly designed with unique colors to the park and commuinity.

Develop Solutions

A solution this pocket park will solve will be that there will be a new community park and playground for adults to sit down and enjoy the park and weather and for kids to play on a new playground.

Final Design

For my final design of my pocket park i went with a unique but simplistic design to attract all ages of the community from kids to senior citizens, a playground for kids and benches surrounding to accommodate parents watching their children play and also for people of the community to relax and a lounge bench for people to sit and eat lunch with their family to be a comfortable location to spend time with your family.