Hands of an artist drawing with charcoal

Pocket PArk

Sweet Water Foundation Pocket Park

Define Challenge

This pocket park that is being made is to lively up the neighborhood between Englewood and Washington park. This park will be able to give life and power to this area because this land is just being wasted on nothing . I feel like it will give kids like courage or something to look forward to when they get out of school and not be scared of all the gang violence I want to have like a park and garden in there so the kids have something to connect with and take their minds away from all the gangs and crime going on. I also wants to do that with another goal of bringing the community together have parent and families there gardening with their kids or just have parents watch over their kids and not have to worry about anything happening.

Collect Info

Well the site well be on 57th and Lafayette Ave. and the site is pretty big even if I cut it in half I might just use half of it. Also the people that most populate that are are blacks its 95% and Hispanics make up about 2% and then others make up the rest. Also the street surrounding the area not many cars pass by it so thats something good and also there is already a sidewalk pretty much cutting the site in half in a nice way where people could travel through the park. The crime in this area is also not good several crimes happen here.

Brainstorm Ideas

So instead of using 200 ft of space in length i'm just going to use 100 ft but in the end I think I might just use 50 ft. I have three ideas that i want might to do one of them uses only 50 ft in length and the other are big ones that use 100 ft. I want to do one that uses 100 ft but i don't know if I will be able to use all of it so I will probably use the small 50 ft one.

Develop Solutions


Final Design

For the final design all I did was polish up the garden and added more to the playground .