Jermal's Bus Shelter Redesign

Design a Bus Shelter


Designing a bus shelter is for multiple causes and reasons. Everyone doesn't have a car at school, work, and etc. Building a bus shelter will allow better comfort for those who wait for the bus and wants to get home safely. We need more bus shelters either way because the population of students at my school is really big and it's not only students so that explains a lot. When designing a bus shelter I want to identify and give an outcome to some problems that are directed from school to home. This idea will help a lot of people because waiting for the bus is a big deal definitely when you don't have anyone at home to give you a ride back. The bus shelter will have space of course so at least 5-10 people can sit and it may not sound like a lot but buses come at different times and everyone doesn't ride a bus home. Some walk, ride a bike, or skateboard just from a couple of blocks down and others have to go miles back like me for example. As well as for the whole communities sake also because it wouldn't be fair to obligate something public and make it private. Everyone will be able to sit and wait for the bus with comfort doesn't matter who the person is . Many people in the neighborhood ride bikes ,and skateboards but they don't always want to be on their feet so this will allow people to relax and feel warm I should say while as well keeping on the look out because not everywhere is safe .


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Collect Info

Curie Metropolitan High school is located on South Archer and Pulaski in Chicago, Illinois 60632. There's a Bus shelter on the corner of the school but it isn't enough. I plan to design a bus shelter that will be efficient and also handy for people of the community, with disabilities, who are handicapped , blind, and students overall. Everyone deserves a good bus shelter that will improve transportation and waiting.I have three spots two close to the school and the other that's a little far but not really far away from the school. I don't just look for spots that are accessible but a bus shelter is needed for multiple reasons. Getting to a destination is as important as leaving one and for a person who likes to travel sitting spots are nice and it's comforting to be comfortable in your neighborhood with safety. My design bus shelter will have features of similar bus shelters and ones that are out of this country. A bus shelter is for when waiting on a bus and even to wait for a car may be at 9 pm but it's necessary and that's the point. Safety , cooling, and heating , tracking the bus , Emergency targets, and lights are all key features for a bus shelter. I will use reinforced glass instead of the glass that's used for today and I've seen many glass shatters from bus shelters and that doesn't fit with safety if the glass breaks easily for something that should be safe ensuring.


Brainstorm Ideas

I have multiple Ideas for my bus shelter design but I have pointed out some good designs that looked really nice and beneficial for the area. I have three locations to place my bus shelter design, two that are closer to the school area and one that's a couple of miles away. I have 4 sketches and three of them have been pointed to specifically be apart of the space that it will be in and my last sketch is for all three locations because it is a great design and I think that it will be great for all three spots that I chose. My first sketch is for the 3rd location which is located on 49th and Pulaski. The second sketch is for the 1st location which is located on Komensky and 31st. My third sketch is located at Curie on 49th and Archer. All three spots that I chose are bus stops and the one that's in front of the school has a bus shelter but that's where my shelter comes in because this bus shelter is alike to many bus shelters in Chicago but it's time for a new and renovated bus shelter and my design will fit that description including some old modifications and new ones such as added features that will be helpful for everyone in the community and even the environment. Features such as Solar panels, Green roofs, lights, accessibility buttons for the visually impaired or people who can't read well and this will be helpful for just not them bus the other features include everyone. I have many ideas and this is where my design will include many ideas from different bus shelters across the world . I planned to use reinforced glass because it is stronger that the glass that is being used today and I believe its safer too.


Develop Solutions

The first picture is based on my starting point, just a simple design for right now until I continue to use all my brainstorming research , gathering all the details and combining the structures that I've related to making the design more appealing to the environment and new. This bus shelter will not just be the typical square or rectangle but it will be renovated and have some structure of a square giving it a triangular prism form also with some circular design as well. The second part of the starting point is an added structure for the green roof feature to make space on top of the roof for my first structure. I added a second structure as well to compare how I would want space both inside and for the following feature: Green roof. This will help me develop a solution to how I can have a green roof and also make a good space way that would maybe allow a wheelchair for the handicapped. For starting point 3, I didn't do much but I took out the enclosed space on my first design to make that space where the windows will be. I also made modifications to my second design as well to play along, I flipped the model on its opposite side and I took out most of the circular part but I added the square. This space concludes the windows and inside for the people's space. I have more details to improve which is making the square part flatter to make it compare to a similar design this one is based on. For starting point 4, I decided to edit the square, blending it in the half-circular structure to a structured bus shelter But, I added more to this design, a base for the green roof which is coming up from the roof, and also made points to fill in the wall and entrance space.

Final Design

From beginning to end, I had a few ideas of how I wanted my bus shelter design to be but I finally got it . Boom! There it was right in my face although of course I didn't see it . My first design was a triangle structure and I had also made another one half-circular with square base . Both designs didn't turn out so good and I had to dig a little deeper and do some more research .I recently had done it and I knew that I wanted to be my second choice but maybe it could just look a little different .I had got the idea from the enclosed air conditioned bus shelter which is like a half-circle structure . I didn't want to use to same and I added my own idea to it . I had it figured out and this how it turned out to be . My final design is a square but it has a half circle connected it's just shown in the front which is the entrance . My final design has most features a bus shelter should have but I had to add more and make it better. It has a Green roof, Solar panels, Lights, an installed Solar heater, an Automatic door, an Outside seating area so people won't be spaced in since there's limited space, space for the Handicapped, Emergency phone, and Bus tracker and Map. The Green roof and solar panel were an idea based on global warming so it was used to help the planet and environment. The solar heater is so people can stay warm during the cold winters and it gets chilly as well. The automatic door is because most bus shelters are open and having a door could help people be safe. The windows were supposed to be reinforced glass so that was used or an idea to help prevent glass breakage. The Emergency phone is for emergencies of course but everyone doesn't have a working phone and it's good to be able to call for help if an incident or someone needs help. the lights is so people can see and this will be helpful at night. The Bus Tracker and Map is so people can read the times and if not the times will be spoken out loud for the visually impaired and the map is just in case someone is lost in the area and needs to know the routes of the neighborhood. This is my final design.