West view of the Market

McKinley Market

2018 National DiscoverDesign Competition:


I am designing a Marketplace for the people of McKinley Park which will be used to solve the issues of everyday traffic, the neglect of public transportation services, and the poorer quality in life by making a TOD near the CTA Line which will ultimately provide greater social good. This will be done by providing a safe area for the locals to come together and collaborate on making the market a market they will enjoy.


Albina Purdy 1 year ago
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Albina Purdy 1 year ago
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Collect Info

McKinley Park’s nearby schools are elementary schools such as Horizon Science Academy, Everett and Burroughs elementary schools which makes it important to appeal to the younger demographic. It is also important to discuss the higher education schools (high school, middle school, and college) which need transportation to get to their schools. All of the McKinley Park residents should be able to use the market to relax, learn, or have fun. McKinley Park would need to find the market to be a place they can relate to so it can be a set piece in the community. The market will have a few signifying aspects to it to make it look new and different. The complexity of the market can allow for pedestrians or locals nearby to feel intrigued. The familiarity will allow for locals to feel at home within the market. Circulation is important for the market as it will need to accommodate the population coming to and from the market space. Adding a shortcut from S Leavitt St to S Bell Ave can improve circulation and help locals get around much easier. Giving wide walkways that open into all directions of the site allow for easy accessibility for all. The site in context has a lot to be touched on such as the prior other parks which we should try not to disturb and allow for those to run as they should. It should be attempted not to replace the old parks in McKinley Park which contain lakes, pools, and playgrounds, the marketplace should not include anything the neighborhood already has but instead introduce new goods for the locals. McKinley Park also contains the 1st Central Manufacturing District in the US. Chicago’s extreme climate can be taken advantage of by collecting the rainwater and solar power as it is given to the people. These resources will be used for the market space by providing green efficient power while collecting water for bathrooms and drinking water. While the solar power would be minimal it is best to take as much as possible to make the market as green as possible. McKinley Park residents can and should be able to enjoy the market without having to spend money because many residents make low income. The market can introduce cheap high-quality goods with the intervention of government-funded food stamps to be used at the farmer’s markets to help people get produce at reasonable prices. Seeing as the site is around a lot of noisy structures such as the main street and the train station I feel as if it's imperative to reduce the sound being made from these such objects which can be done with sound barriers for the enjoyment of the locals.

Brainstorm Ideas

The lot at the site should be very open as there are houses in every direction except for the one facing the train. This is why we should introduce circulation all over the market allowing for it to be inviting and open. We can also give a shortcut into S Bell Ave from S Leavitt St which can also act as a location for the food vendors to set up. The Short Pass or the path from S Leavitt St to S Bell Ave can be a gallery walk for food trucks and markets giving an easy way to look at all the stalls in the market. Proper circulation also comes with universal accessibility for pedestrians of all types especially the disabled. An amphitheater or stage can be used in the design by giving the community a stage to express their culture in various forms such as music dance or speeches. An activity center or just green space in the market can allow for events to be held and with the same spot as the amphitheater, it can be used for larger events as well. Using a greenhouse within the market can provide for locally grown goods but also teach children about various topics on agriculture. A greenhouse can be used by the community and the three nearby elementary schools to grow local goods. The children who come by can also learn about agriculture, water conservation, and solar energy all the while the market is using these goods to be eco-green and self-sustainable. A historic center is clearly seen within the design with the inclusion of a clock tower resembling that of the central manufacturing district tower. The reduction of sound can be made by making the noisy parts of the market be located next to where the noise will mostly be. This can be done with the food truck hallway trail it can act as a sound barrier against the metro line while also acting as the noisy part of the whole market as that is where people will do a lot of their business.

Develop Solutions

One of the many ways we can begin improving the market's quality is by doing many small incremental changes to the market. Having proper circulation within the lot can allow pedestrians to come in from any part of the lot and not be stopped by walls. This can be seen in the hallways extensively, allowing for a lot of passageway and walkability. The openings within the hallways can act as a way for wind to blow in and keep smoke from the food trucks out so it can last for the whole year. The amphitheater can be used for the community to express their culture by using it for whatever they want to use it for. The McKinley Market, Short Pass hall can be used to hold temporary vendors all year long in a permanently shaded hallway for use whenever the markets please. The Short Pass within the McKinley Market can hold up to 10 food trucks and more than 20 food market stalls while being held within the food hallway. Bricks being one of the most common materials in McKinley Park make it a good pick for the aesthetic of the market. These bricks can be used to help with heat retention and help act as a sound barrier against the train station right next to the lot. Asphalt tile roofing was used due to its low cost and universal appliance with superior defense against weathering they can also be used to either retain heat or ward it off. Furthermore, the market uses eco-saving integration with solar panels and water collection services, these allow for the market to save up on energy and collect water for appliances such as sinks, toilets, and with the use of a filter, the park can utilize the drinking fountains in the EcoZone for safe water.

Final Design

The transit-oriented development, McKinley Market, should be a place for the community to come together and explore each other's cultures. First of all, I believe it will enhance the pedestrian's use of metro ridership by enabling closer resources to them attracting many locals. My design is able to reflect that need by offering a plethora of resources for the locals to use. The stage, for example, could be used for just about anything from concerts, plays, demonstrations, and any activity that the community will be able to take part in. The eco-station will allow anyone to charge their phones and relax under a shaded pavilion with other useful necessities. The lot also had to provide a chance for others to have locally grown goods which were presented through the food trucks, markets, and the greenhouse. The site is inviting by introducing little to no walls and many ways to enter with many interesting elements such as sharp angles and reminiscent looks of the old central manufacturing district. All of these design elements have been derived from the site's rich culture by including brick as the primary material for familiarity and providing a stage through the amphitheater and markets for the community to display their cultures. This design will be used to introduce a location for the locals to come together, work together and build a market for social good.