Josie's Bedroom Redesign

Redesign Your Bedroom


All bedrooms serve different proposes. With a room like mine it is difficult to fit my needs. My bedroom is unorganized, this problem causes me to loose items that are curtail to my everyday life. Many bedrooms are a simple design with basic features such as a bed, desk, chair, and a rug. My room also serves many purposes, it is the guest room, my room, a sleep and study space, a place to entertain my friends, and finally a place to relax. For my room to serve all of these proposes I would need to add many different features to maximize the possible space. To do that I could add more storage and use that to make the much needed space, I could also add a chair to fit the need of relaxation. If I were to redesign my bed room I could reorganize, enlarge my room, add storage, and improve the overall design of my bedroom. When I redesign my bedroom I would add more furniture, storage, photos, and I would change various decorations and switch out furniture, such as my desk.

Collect Info

My bedroom is lilac/lavender purple, and contains a full sized bed, a mirror, a desk and small storage bins. My dream room would contain many of the same features plus a chair, and more storage. What is the best way to make your room feel bigger? According to buzzfeed the best way to make your room feel larger is to; paint or wallpaper the ceiling to make the room look taller, use light colors on the walls and the floor, pull furniture away from the wall to create the illusion of spaciousness, make use of hidden storage and multi-purpose items, and hang shelves near the ceiling to draw the eye upward. How do I maximize the space in my room? claims that the best way to maximize the space in your room is to, remove large storage furniture: Armoires and clothes dressers can use a lot of floor space. Opt for rolling under bed storage that can hold clothes and belongings. This will give your bedroom more space and visually will look more spacious. Once removed more natural light will pour into your space. How do I make my room feel fresh? Many sources claim that Make your bed, clean up after yourself in general, bring in a plant, add a mirror, hang some wall art, change up your lighting scheme, rearrange your furniture layout, put down a rug, throw out the things you don't need, create a color scheme, add under the bed storage if possible, add baskets to your shelves, color code your hangers, make your items work double duty, label boxes. These are great tips when redesigning your bedroom, I have gathered a lot of information for when I design my room. The information is valuable because I have learned how to declutter and reorganize my room.

Brainstorm Ideas

Currently my bedroom is cluttered, disorganized, dim, and untidy. My dream bedroom would be bright, clean, tidy, open, and fresh. My bedroom would have throw pillows, hardwood floor, storage, and baskets for added storage. Three select items my dream room would have are storage, a couch, and comfort. If I were to redesign my room storage would be a must, I would have shelves, and baskets. These items would allow for me to organize and stay clean. Sofa's add comfort, my current bedroom isn't very comfortable if I could add a couch then my room would be more comfortable and it would provide a feature that would be great for entertaining my friends. Finally comfort, I could have all the pillows, and blankets I want. I would love to stay comfortable in my redesigned room.

Develop Solutions

For my new room I want to be comfortable, clean, fresh, and bright. When I redo my room I would prefer to have storage, a couch, comfort, space, and finally natural light. If I can redesign my room that means that I want it to be perfect. Storage will help me solve my disorganization problem, and help me improve upon my cleaning strategies. When I get a couch that would help me stay comfortable and help me entertain my friends, it would be a multi functional item. I would enjoy having a spacious room because then it would allow me to have more comfort and space in my room. Finally natural lighting would prevent me from using artificial light, and it would help my room stay brighter throughout the day.

Final Design

In my room I have created a final solution. I have found a way to modify my room to acquire all of my needs and wants. If I extend my door way that provides me space, and space for storage. This solution also allows me to fit a couch into my final design. To get the natural light I can put my room on the west side of my house so the sun rises and provides me with ample amounts of natural light. In my bedroom my color scheme is mostly grey and white, with a few green accents, also in my design I have installed hard wood flooring. Although I was unable to come out with a super spacious design it fits all of my needs and wants, it is perfect.