Open Air Pavilion with diversity monument representing 3 parts holding each other up to demonstrate the presence of a triune God and His people post hurricane Harvey

kdeANDA's OPEN AIR Pavilion Project

Design Mash-Up: Popup Pavilion


Cole Park is a popular iconic area for local residents, families and tourists visiting Corpus Christi, Texas. There are a few covered areas for people to to refuge from the elements however the area lacks a pavilion with seating as well as art or monuments in the area. I have worked on an idea to remedy the situation.


bradpitt 6 months ago
Cole Park is a great place to go to have fun with my family, I will be planning for next year to go there. 1v1 battle
Ciararoisin 6 months ago
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Collect Info

I looked up Cole Park on Google Maps and took a screen shot of the area. That helped me to decided on the size of the pavilion and inspired me to add some new landscaping as well as a walking trail and two garden swings for relaxation.


freykarts 5 months ago
That's one way of good planning. Thank you for going in depth on this project planning analysis. I hope this will not be archived immediately. frey, Robert

Brainstorm Ideas

A few attempts at expanding and adding things I ended up not keeping for the final design.


freykarts 7 months ago
I hope it includes the landscaping ideas as well. It would be perfect for an open space pavilion like this project. From: landscaping

Develop Solutions

I originally started out with the pavilion only and wasn't. going to add anything to it aside from 2-4 entry points. I remembered that there are generally many people that workout and jog in this area or take their children to the park, so I decided to include two waking paths around the pavilion. I placed outdoor lamps throughout the pathway and decided later on that it was not tasteful and removed them. I added more landscaping and was satisfied with the look. I place model people in different areas to give the viewer an idea of what it would look like.


Final Design

Final design consists of walking paths with landscaping that fits the area. Garden Bench Swings were placed along the path to rest. I would strategically place this design facing the water for visitors to take in the beauty of the water line and sunrise.