Kimberly-Ruiz's Bus Shelter Redesign

Design a Bus Shelter


Students from curie and from schools close by coming from the train usually take up most busses going north and south of Pulaski. We need a bigger shelter to fit more people while still being comfortable enough. For example, I know that on Thursdays and Fridays the train station where the busses also stop at get filled and that means more people that take the 55th one wait by dominoes in order to not wait in line, while most people taking the one going north will wait outside in the restaurant where the isn't a shelter at all, and lastly there's the people who wait right in front of the school which that one I've noticed usually takes 3 busses to take everyone that has gotten out 8th period and I can only guess it takes about the same if not more to fill them when people get out after 9th.The bus shelter needs light for the winter and people that stay after school as well as maybe cameras monitored by CTA or the businesses around it. It should also include additional roofing on the sides since I dont believe even a large one will fit all people and some might have to stand around it.


Collect Info

I have seen a lot of closed designs and I think they shouldn't be closed because it causes a safety risk if people need to get out quickly, especially during this pandemic many people take the bus still and it wouldn't be safe to have a closed space. Coming into school I know some people get off on that stop and the bus shelter would give them a big opportunity to open up their umbrellas if it rains or to text their parents that their safe before getting into school. On the way out of school a lot of students like to go towards target to get something to drink or some wait for their parents at the bus stop to avoid as much traffic at archer.


Brainstorm Ideas

Here I want to show some simple sketches at the beginning of my project as ideas I had before maybe facing some problems. These are just simple as I made some research into some bus shelters that look like something useful that the people taking the bus would would need. I have also included some features I would like to add and can be seen in the sketches as well but in real life pictures so it will give a real life image.

Develop Solutions

Here is the progress and how my design changed from my sketches and even after thinking I had a final design. It was difficult to come up with how I wanted the roof to look because there was many different ways of doing it.

Final Design

These are pictures of all sides and features of my final design. In the background there is the school and around it is the school fence.