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Kirsten Caluag's Bedroom Redesign

Redesign Your Bedroom


Design Brief: Your challenge is to redesign your bedroom and rethink how it should, or could, function as a multi-purpose space. What does a modern bedroom look like? Consider technology- does this space embrace technology or is this a space to unplug? If you share your bedroom with someone else, how can the space be designed to accommodate you and the other person’s needs and interests?

Within this small space, I will be working within the confines by getting rid of some things to make room; leaving the things I need. I will not be altering the architecture in my room but moving around items. I will be taking into consideration the key features of a bedroom: a bed, study desk and chair, and they will be in places that make the room functional (able to move around freely without any tripping hazards), comfortable and personalised to me. This space does embrace technology and since I study on my laptop on my desk, it will be moved closer to the plug to prevent hazards. I will be personalising this room to my needs and interests. Since I am a student, my needs include having a lot of space to place my textbooks, school bag, and other school supplies. My interests would include soft pillows, candles and crystals.


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Collect Info

Things that work:

  • the things I have on my study desk. My study desk has everything I need to do my school work such as my pencil case, stapler, textbooks and a candle. It also had a study lamp attached to the side so that I wouldn't have to do my study with minimal light and hurt my eyes. I have an organiser that has my small important things such as sticky notes and extra pens and markers. Next to my organiser, I have my school books, study books and textbooks.
  • my bedside table has everything I need like a tissue box. With the small container boxes and I can easily slide open and see-through, I can store more items such as more textbooks and my makeup. Since it is also near my desk, it also very convenient to grab what I need.
  • small decorative things in my room. I have pictures on my wall that describe my personality and that I find interesting such as shows and colours. I have small fake plants to bring more colour into my room, and so do my crystals. I also have polaroid photos of family, friends and places I've been to, which also shows my interests and makes the room my own.

Things that don't work:

  • The placing of my wardrobe. It is opposite my bed and next to my door, but I'd rather place it where there would be sunlight facing it. This is because I like doing everything in my own space, including putting makeup on which I use the mirror on my wardrobe for. It's hard to put it on when there is very minimal sunlight and I don't like using the light in my room during the day because I like to save energy. Since it is close to my bed, makes an awkward gap to get to the further side of my wardrobe as directly behind me is my bed.
  • The placing of my bed and study desk. My bed is a few steps away from the plug to charge my phone before I go to bed and I want to move it further away from the plug because I think it would be better for me to not go on my phone before bed and when I wake up.
  • My study desk is a bit too far from the plug and it makes a bit of a mess on the side where the floor meets the wall because of the cords. It will cause a hazard and doesn't make the room look neat. It also isn't efficient if I can't easily unplug the cords.
  • The chair holding some plushies and throw pillows is making it very difficult to get to the further side of my wardrobe. It prevents me from getting things as I can't go any further.

More information:

  • the windows in my room are facing the door and the wardrobe. This makes the light on that side of the room very minimal throughout the day, but when the weather is very sunny light also gets brighter.
  • the type of furniture used now is two small tables, a wardrobe with a mirror, a study desk, a bed, and a small chair. These types of furniture do function properly to an extent for the tasks I need to accomplish such as I can study, sleep, and store my thing. However, it can be improved such as moving my wardrobe to a part of my room where there is more sunlight.
  • the artificial light in me bedroom comes from the ceiling and my study lamp. I used my study lamp the most during the whole day, whereas, for my ceiling light I use it when it is night.
  • there are different types of bedrooms in my home, three small bedrooms that are around the same size as mine and a master bedroom. I don't consider any of these rooms to be worse than mine, but the master bedroom is the best room since it has its own walk in closet, bathroom and folding door to the backyard.
  • the street where I live is a quiet avenue with a park at the end. My room is not near the street but is at the far back of my house.
  • during the day, the sun rises facing the front of the house and sets facing the back.


Brainstorm Ideas

Words that describe how the space feels now:

  1. small
  2. a bit crowded
  3. restricted to one colour
  4. aesthetic
  5. personalised
  6. cold
  7. organised
  8. made for a student
  9. messy sometimes
  10. cramped

Words describing how I want my room to look like:

  1. aesthetic
  2. clean
  3. room to move around
  4. sunlight can get in
  5. not much cluster
  6. minimalist
  7. clear study space
  8. organised
  9. bright
  10. personlised to me

These lists are different in a way that although it is still personalised to me and how I want it to look, there are changes in how I want it to function; to be able to move around more and to be brighter. I can achieve the things I've listed in my second list by moving things around and getting rid of some things.

I think that a calming and dimmed-light atmosphere will support sleep as it allows an individual's mind and body to relax, such as not having too much strain on their eyes with bright lights. This would also follow for relaxing, however, studying may be different by having lighter lights so that an individual stays awake; to be relaxed but not too much.

Other activities that I do in my bedroom besides sleeping and studying is meditating, working out or putting on makeup. I can incorporate these activities into inspiration for redesigning my room as I can also think about how large of a space I need to make and where is the best place to arrange things. For example, moving a mirror where the sun hits my room for better light to put make-up on.

The mood I want to create in this space is calming since I bring back a lot of stress from school and want to return to a place where I can be calm and relax, which I also want to feel when studying in my room. With research, I've gathered that the best colours to create a calm atmosphere are blue, violet, dusty pink, pale green, grey, tan, white and pale yellow. I will be using some of the listed colours, such as blue, violet, dusty pink, tan and white, as it not only creates the atmosphere I want but also are colours that I like, hence, will make my room more personalised to me. Furthermore, to form this mood, there would also be dimmed lights, perhaps from lighting fixtures other than the ceiling light. These lights have to be not too dim where I cannot see anything and not too bright where it would strain my eyes.


freykarts 2 years ago
Loving all these three! But I would go personally with either 2 or 3. Because it gives natural lighting and open space vibes. - Frey & Kate

Develop Solutions

Below, I have used Floorplanner - a 3D floor planning software, to bring my ideas to life and to experiment with different arrangements in my own room from the research I've gathered.

Final Design

Within this final design of my bedroom, I've rearranged the furniture of my bedroom; the bed, wardrobe and study desk to suit my needs and wants. The wardrobe is moved closer to the window so that I could get more light facing the mirror attached to the wardrobe. The desk is moved closer to the electric plug so that I could charge my laptop and plug in my study lamp (which is not shown in the design since it wasn't found on the software) more efficiently and will not create much mess on the floor. Although there was not a lot of decorations on the software that I wanted to add to my design to present my personality in the room, I was able to find some pieces such as the candles, blue art and cushion, and plants. The ceiling, floor and walls have been kept the same as how my wall originally is in real life; white walls and ceiling, and dark polished wood floors.