katrina's Bedroom Redesign

Redesign Your Bedroom


The problem with a disorganized room is that things get very lost which can lead to a lot of issues. When your room is disorganized studies have shown that it has a negative affect on your mood. So not only does a messy room look bad, but it also breaks concentration, stresses you out, and makes you feel very overwhelmed. Since my room is a disaster all the time I decided to think about what might help me keep it cleaner. My main issue is how my room is laid out so if I change how it is laid out my room would be less of a mess.

Collect Info

My room has continued to get messier for a little while now and I think that a few small changes to my room would really make a difference. I would get real curtains because the ones I have now do not work at all. I would also get a way to hang up all of my photos because currently they are just on my floor. Also I would rearrange the furniture so that I had more of one space instead of having my bed in the middle of my room.

Brainstorm Ideas

My room is cluttered, messy, dark, and cold. I want my room to be clean, warm, bright, beachy, and calm. Since I have recently moved into my house I had already done a lot of research to find all of the things that I liked for my room. I kept the same overall vibe of the room, but layout and storage seem to be a little bit of an issue with my new room. The location of my room was so perfect and the light always shined through my windows, and it also happens here so I need to get some good curtains so that I can sleep in without the light waking me up.

Develop Solutions

These are the three ideas that I made to make my room have more space and the other things I was looking for. Each has similar concepts yet different layouts. Since I will not be able to alter the shape of my room I tried to make as many changes as I could while still working with the space I have.

Final Design

I have chosen this design for my room because it has all the things I currently like from my room, but it adds some of the things I was looking for. This room keeps a queen sized bed which is good because my room is used as the guest room. Overall I really like this design and I might just rearrange my furniture so it can look like the picture.