Alex's Bedroom Redesign

Redesign Your Bedroom


Since I live in a townhouse complex. my bedroom isn't as spacious as I would like it to be. There's enough room for a bed and desk and probably a nightstand, but that really isn't my type of bedroom. I want my bedroom to express who I am as a person or rather the ideal bedroom in my eyes would look like a gaming/bedroom hybrid of sorts.

Collect Info

Below are pictures of the bedroom I currently reside in. It's a comfortable space but if you look at how I have the tv table with my small collection of game consoles and figures and my computer setup you can tell I was going for a more comfortable gaming bedroom with my bed being the couch. But this really isn't as ideal since the room's functionality is centered towards the bed.

Window faces the closet, during the day when the suns out it shines brightly into the room The small space, despite limiting furniture choices, it really does have me think how much I should try and try not to fit into the room. As for artificial light, there's only one light switch that operates the singular overhead lamp, it runs on 8.5 watt LED bulbs which saves on the electricity bill. The walls are made of drywall, closet door and door are made of wood and painted white (not sure which kind though) and I think the floor is a beautiful birch like wood and the ceiling should be also made of wood The room adjacent to this one is similar but has some significant differences. The neighboring room has a single bi-fold closet door and a smaller overall closet in comparison to the closet in my room which has a double bi-fold door and a slightly bigger overall closet. And the room I reside in is right next to the washroom, although the only advantage of my room is the bigger closet since both rooms are essentially identical in structure. My room is also located towards the back end of the house just above the living room and the garage. The view outside especially in this season is really pretty as my eyes are greeted to the plaza area of the townhouse complex with a lot of trees and flowers.

Cons of the room: Not enough room for a desk. Even if I did replace the gaming table, there would be little to no space for a chair or rather it would only make the small space I already have feel more cramped than I would like it be. Due to the cramped space and how my computer is literally adjacent from my bed, my sleeping habits may have been slightly affected due to this. As for environmental impact, the only electricity being consistently used is the singular overhead light.

Brainstorm Ideas

Checkerboard pattern for walls Complete overhaul of the structure, since the idea I have will not work with the current bedroom layout and structure Wider space to allow for more furniture Connecting bathroom Closet as a mini room My ideal bedroom is to have everything in one place, a couch and TV to lounge and watch movie, a desk which the original bedroom lacks for a better workspace than what I currently have to work with. Below is an image of what my redesign is striving for or something similar.

Develop Solutions

Below I have a picture of the redesign floorplan Instead of a traditional closet, I opted for a mini room similar to a walk in closet. The lighting will be the same 8 watt LEDs that my bedroom uses instead of incandescent since LEDs uses less energy than incandescent and there will be little environmental impact other than the electricity of the TV consoles and computer.

Final Design

My whole idea behind this redesign is to express who I am as a person through my hobbies which is represented by the lounging area with the couch and the TV, I opted for a checkerboard wall instead of the plain light blue since it adds a little more flavor to the overall design. The window placement is inspired by the sample idea image in the brainstorming section and I decided to keep the window placement of my bedroom since having a window near the bed makes it easier to sleep on a warm or hot night. The bathroom floor is tiled while the main bedroom and the closet floor is a different kind of wood instead of the birch wood used in the original bedroom.