L style lockers

liamf134's locker

Design a new school locker


A school locker is important to a school because it is storage for the students to put their extra belongings in, and keeps it safe and secure from anyone else.

Collect Info

Many big rectangular lockers take up a lot of space that goes unused. this is because the locker provides no shelves from bottom to the top where there is only one. This space can be very useful to students and can make them more organized.

Brainstorm Ideas

If you split a rectangular locker into two L shaped locker and provide a coat hook and also many shelves for students they will become more organized and also have many places for their belongings.

Develop Solutions

For spacing this is fantastic because now instead of one locker you could fit two and if you build them into the wall the hallway spacing would also be huge.

Final Design

My new lockers are built into the school wall. They are on top of one another in an L shape Tetris style. These lockers have enough space for coat hangers and many books. The lockers also use the unused space in rectangular lockers. The lockers provide lots of shelves and hooks for students to be more organized in school.