Bedroom Re-design

Redesign Your Bedroom


For this project I am going to re-design my bedroom. My existing bedroom has many issues that could be addressed. I believe my quality of life will improve after these changes are implemented.

Collect Info

Take a full inventory of everything in your room, listing and categorizing what works and what doesn't. Take measurements of the entire room, from the overall size to the size of the closet, to the placement of the windows. You can't propose new solutions until you figure out and document the existing problems!

The photos you take and the simple diagrams you sketch here will help you understand how the existing bedroom layout and design will compare with your new ideas.

Try This Walk around your bedroom and home and take photos or a short video, if you like to be a movie maker. You can upload those photos or short videos in this step. Be sure to write a detailed description for every image. Take interior photos of the hallways and entrances that lead into your bedroom. Ho wyou get to the room is just as important as what is inside! Draw a floorplan of your existing bedroom and include it in this step. Make a list of those features that you really like about how your bedroom looks / functions. Make separate list of all the ways that your current bedroom is not so well designed (too small, the light is poor, the door is in the wrong place, the bathroom is too far away, etc.) You may also want to upload a site plan of your home, showing where your bedroom fits into the building. Knowing your context (the space around your design site) is important. Are there a lot of trees or tall buildings in your neighborhood? Use Google Maps to view and print out an aerial photo of your building. Cool, huh? On a piece of tracing paper placed over the aerial photo of your building, sketch a diagram showing a large arc around the building to show the path of the sun throughout the day. This drawing is called a site analysis diagram. (Remember, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.) Draw other lines on this diagram to indicate the best views around the building. Think About What direction do the windows in your room face? What is the light like in the morning or in the afternoon? How is it different during these times? What types of furniture is used now? Is it large and heavy or light and moveable? Does this furniture function for the tasks you need to accomplish, or need to change? What is the artificial light in the bedroom like? What materials are currently used on the floors, walls, and ceiling? What are the different types of bedrooms in your home? Are there any that are better or worse than yours? What makes them better, other than the size? Maybe the doors or windows are in a better spot for furniture layout, or maybe they are just closer to the bathroom. What types of streets surround your home? Is your bedroom near the street? Is it busy or quiet? Based on the site analysis diagram you've sketched, where is the sun located throughout the day?

Brainstorm Ideas

Brainstorm a list of 10 adjectives that describe how your space feels now. Now:Cramped, Messy, Bland, Noisy Want it to be: Calm, peaceful, Cozy Next, brainstorm a list of 10 adjectives of how you WANT your room to be. How are these lists different? What can you do to acheive the items on the second list? What kind of atmosphere supports sleep? What about for relaxing, or study? What types of atmospheres do you need for the activities that take place in your bedroom? Find images on that represent how you want the space to feel. Research and capture images of energy efficient bedrooms (For example, check out the Smart House) What other spaces are used for the activities you do in your room? How can you incorporate these rooms into your inspiration? What kind of furniture or equipment will be in your new bedroom? Search on for cool furniture, equipment, or technology that might work in your new bedroom. Save copies of the images you find, and post them in the slides for your project. Include a hyperlink to the Flickr photo in the caption, to credit the photographer. Post images of buildings, colors, designs, textures, or other things that inspire you in this step. Make sure you give credit to your source! Color and lighting are both very important to create different types of moods. What mood would you like to feel in your space? What colors help achieve this mood? What are the best lights? Think About Have you seen any other bedrooms that you liked or did not like? Why? Does your new bedroom need to look like the same typical bedroom? Will the bed be the focal point of the room, or hidden away? How will this bedroom use the current space of your existing bedroom? Will you expand your bedroom into another part of your home? What rooms might be affected if you do this? You decide, but make sure you show what happens in the other rooms if you move any walls!

Develop Solutions

Final Design