maddox townsend's Community Market

2018 National DiscoverDesign Competition:


The purpose of this project was to design a market for the McKinley Park Lot in Chicago that would be beneficial to the community. This market should provide both a safe space for people of all ages to spend time, as well as be stimulating for the local economy. There will be many places for temporary and semi-permanent vendors, as well as permanent shops and restaurants. The market also will include both indoor and outdoor spaces for free local community events for members of the community to partake in.


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Collect Info

This is an accumulation of my research both on problems in the local community, the community demographic, and case studies on markets in which I have drawn inspiration from. I have researched transit oriented development, or development based on providing ease of access through public forms of transit, as well as research on Chicago's transit systems, influencing my choice for which location I chose to build on, with the McKinley Park Lot being next to multiple bus stops and the 35th Archer Station on the Orange Line. I have also researched the neighborhood, and food deserts, which is a large problem that often appears in big cities. I wanted to build a marketplace largely focused on providing both a safe place for the community to come together and a place for farmers markets and fresh food to be purchased, stimulating the economy.

Brainstorm Ideas

In this step, I drew out sketches and and diagrams for the site, buildings, and surrounding area. I sketched a site analysis for the location, showing where potential entrances could be based on the location of different transit points. I also charted different streets, wind patterns, and noise pollution in the area. I also sketched a zoning analysis for the community to see what type of buildings were in the area to model my building after, in order to fit in with the community. For my site layout, I completed a bubble diagram and schematic sketch showing the potential location of different aspects of the market. Finally, in designing my main building, I completed a first floor schematic sketch and a longitudinal section sketch for my market area.

Develop Solutions

These are 2D views, floor plans, site plans, and sections from my project, showing different aspects of the market. The first floor plans shows both the layout for the entryway building, complete with a large entry, multiple stalls for semi-permanent shops and businesses, and a pavilion open for other vendors. The second floor plan of the main building shows the conference rooms as well as the permanent restaurant. The four different elevations are also included, as well as a site plan to show the layout of the site, which is a triangular shape surrounded by the large market building, the entry building, food trucks, and pavilions. There is also sections showing the downstairs market area.

Final Design

M35, or the 35th Street Market, is a market located on the McKinley Park Lot in Chicago. It i accessible from both the Orange Line, as well as multiple bus stops on 35th Street. The market is going to have multiple booths, food truck locations, and pavilions for regional growers to sell fresh produce and food, as well as for local food businesses to set up shop. The market holds open space for temporary sellers, booths for semi-permanent and seasonal sellers, and a indoor permanent market area for permanent sellers and businesses. Businesses can rent these permanent spaces after proving that that they have a growing client base. The focus of this is to both provide fresh produce for the community, which is a food desert, as well as stimulate local businesses and the local economy. The first level of my main building is used for permanent businesses, and has a market and seating area. The purpose of this space is to allow members of the community to spend time safely. The area is designed to work for meetings as well as be a study area for local children. The second floor of this building has a permanent restaurant as well as a large conference room for businesses to rent out. The third floor of this building is a beautiful open space, surrounded by curtain walls, with a balcony. This space is to be used for galleries for art, large meetings and presentations, and local community concerts and events. The center of the site is another large open space to be used for events. The other entryway building is used for semi-permanent businesses to sell products, as well as a covered pavilion for food stands. The other end of the site has food trucks and another seating area under a covered pavilion for temporary vendors. The site was designed to be functional year round. As it is presented, the market is open for use in the summer, with multiple outdoor activity and spaces. However, in the winter, the large outdoor spaces where the food trucks are and the space in between the two buildings can be converted to an ice skating rink. The third floor of the market was also left empty to hold community events year round. The idea behind this market was to provide a place for the community to participate in safe, family friendly, year round activities, to stimulate the local economy and businesses, and to provide fresh food for the surrounding community.


Competition Jury 2 years ago
The building articulation is extremely sophisticated with three floors, a rooftop and a canopy. The barrier of bushes makes it difficult to reach the rest of the property. The lighting and security are appropriate for a train station and allow pedestrians to move about freely. This structure will work well in summer or winter. You have a good use of the built-environment for place making.
JustARunner 2 years ago
The design is set out to make an eco-friendly design by building a location that takes advantage of building orientation. The many options for the local community to take part in also give a great source of life and energy inside of the market. The walkability is in question though as it seems to limit more than appeal to the audience, but overall the design gave way to a friendly building for the community.
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JellyMin 10 days ago
Nice to hear that its focus is to provide fresh produce for the community, which is a food desert, as well as stimulate local businesses and the local economy.|