The average keyboard

mck6ncy's Rapid Redesign Project

Rapid Design Charrette

Define the Problem

Keyboards in this century are still being used with wires and they aren't portable. Wires can become tangled and they can interfere with other items around the house. Keyboards should be portable and they should be able to be compatible with phones as well as computers. The keyboard is also very larger in size.

Collect Info

A keyboard is basically a panel of keys that type words, numbers and symbols into the screen of a computer. They also help operate a computer, mainly on desktop computers. The keyboard letters, numbers and symbols come in a specific order on the keyboard. Christopher Latham Sholes created the first ever typewriter which was improved upon as the years went by. Keyboards are essential for any technological item to communicate with.

Brainstorm Ideas

To improve the keyboard to fit the column of portability, we can make it foldable into sections of three and it could fold like a brochure. We can also make the keyboard able with Bluetooth so that it can pair without wires to the computer or phone. The size is also kind of large, we could make it a little smaller. We could lessen the length of the keyboard by a few centimeters.

Develop Solutions

The main improvements that the keyboard need is a reduction of length, the wireless feature, and the taking away of the wires as they can get tangled and damaged.

Final Design

In the final stage of the design process, I have finished my prototype keyboard. I have made it portable by making it able to be folded into a type of brochure. I also changed the keyboard size. The dimensions are 10.5" x 4.5" x 1". By making the keyboard Bluetooth, it was able to become compatible with any device that had Bluetooth in their settings.