How to improve the Trashcan

Moon's Rapid Redesign Project

Rapid Design Charrette

Define the Problem

At home, I often find my trashcan to be a source of annoyance. Whenever I put a trash bag in, it never wants to stay up, and instead will fall into the bin.


Collect Info

My trash can is comprised of two components: there is the main body, which connect to the lid and the opening mechanism for said lid, and the inner basket, which is what the bag goes into and can also be removed from the main body as the two are not directly connected or secured together.


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Brainstorm Ideas

I've developed two ideas as to how I could solve this conundrum: 1.) I could design a simple series of clips that could be attached to the side of the bin to hold the bag in place, or 2.) I could make a belt-like device that goes around the bin and tightens around the bag, holding it in place, which could also be used for a variety of different trash cans rather than just the make that I have.


sandeepsharma 1 month ago
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Develop Solutions

For the clips, I would need to take how much space is available into account, not to mention how I would advertise them so they don't appear to be glorified paper clips. As for the belt device, I would need to consider what material I would need to make it out of, as well as how the release mechanism would operate and how big to make it so that it doesn't seem clunky.

Final Design

I will be designing a belt device that will keep trash bags from falling into most makes of trash cans. It will be made using a flexible fabric such as nylon, and the buckle will be similar to those seen in cars and other vehicles.