nadiabenjdid's Bedroom Redesign

Redesign Your Bedroom


My room is just like any other room. Whenever I spend some time in my room I'm either studying for test/quiz. But these days I'm mostly just hanging out in my room thinking about what I should be getting done, like cleaning my room.

Collect Info

My room has enough room for one person but with all the stuff I keep collecting; gifts from other people and souvenirs from places I travel to, I would love it if I could have just a little bit more space for my room. And I would love a new view.

Brainstorm Ideas

For my Brainstorm I would first start by throwing all the things I won't need. But I'll need most of my parents consent since the things I want to delete I can't because my parents want me to keep them.

Develop Solutions

Once I delete everything I believe I won't need in my room I will look for a nice picture to hang in my room.

Final Design

So after buying all the things I would dream of, I'm practically replacing them with all the clutter I just threw away.