The perfect locker

NATALIA546's locker

Design a new school locker


I'm going to change the lockers to make them more comfortable and elegant. As good I will add more spasium where to put neatly books, supplies and backpacks lunchboxes ect.

Collect Info

  1. What is the purpose of a school locker?

  2. The purpose is basically to be elegant and comfortable.

  3. How has the way you use a locker changed since you first started school in kindergarten, for example?

  4. Well, I'm still very orderly with my locker to not lose anything, but the only thing that has changed is that I have more things and I need a locker to be able to talk.

  5. How many times do you visit and open your locker each day? 3. It depends that looker is one of the materials once a day, he made the book like five times a day.

  6. Do teachers or school administrators have any safety or security concerns about lockers? What are they?

  7. Yes, in the lockers they put where to put padlock, but they do not demand the padlock.

  8. What types of materials is your locker constructed from? 5. With cardboard, magnets, stickers and more decorations.

Brainstorm Ideas

A box of cardboard, my tools, pot-tips, magnets, stickers and more decorations.

Develop Solutions

What I'm going to do is that I'm going to use reticle material to make my prototype, but the real one is going to be metal.

Final Design

My locker will be real metal, but the prototype will be made of cardboard and will be blue because blue is a color that most people like.