BHS Student Center

BHS Student Center


Task: Turn old school library to student attractive location - Student Center (later: SC)


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Collect Info

After we found the floor plan, the work started: we created a 3D model of the empty library and started thinking about stuffing it.


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Brainstorm Ideas

As a result of our brainstorm and further deliberation process our team choosed 4 thing SC should have: - Schools Store - Automatic Coffee/Tea makers - Working area - Consoles


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Develop Solutions

  1. Combining School Store and Coffee/Tea makers Most would like to have get sweets together with coffee/tea, or vise versa, but there still going to be customers who seeks only single thing of two, so best way of organizing the line would be making 1 line for "cashier", from where line separates into 2: to the "coffee" and to the store, where second line optionally flows into first one.

  2. Working Area So, most Students now have their own Chromebooks and they have no need for specified computers, so they could use coffee tables as places for work and optionally coffee break. If a student has a need for a full-size computer for 3D modelling and such, he/she could find it in his/her teacher's class.

  3. Consoles Most would be playing team games consoles, so we need more joysticks, but fewer consoles in total.

  4. Placement Conditionally the "Console part" of SC is going to generate an enormous amount of noise, so the most preferable position for it is the old computer row, because it has all connections needed and located in the room's corner. The Store then will be to the right of the main entrance.


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Final Design

Our team created a rough 3D model of how we think SC should be. Unfortunately, we rapidly ran out of time for a better improved model, but the current one is still enough for demonstration purposes.


MaeLombardo 1 year ago
After we got the floor plan the work began We made a 3D model of the empty library and started thinking about how to fill it So for this purpose I would recommend the website which teaches critical analysis and provides other useful information. The work started we made a 3D model of the empty library and started thinking how to fill it.