McKinley Community Gathering and Marketplace

McKinley Community Gathering and Marketplace - Nolan faussett

2018 National DiscoverDesign Competition:


Our market place is located in McKinley Park, Chicago, and is within walking distance of a train station and multiple households, and is also easily accessible by car. This gives the community easy access, and encourages visits by families.There are many different restaurants around the location, however our goal is for businesses to open up local shops in the marketplace and eliminate the need for outside food sources.

Collect Info

We researched our location and found out that it is a 36,060 square foot plot of land, and we created that in an online design program. We then researched different designs that have succeeded in the past, in places like Greece, Rome, and London. We researched methods of transportation near the location and noticed that people would arrive mostly by car and train.

Brainstorm Ideas

When looking at different types of architecture, we were particularly inspired by the Roman Colosseum, and decided to build store fronts in a semi-circle state, both for visual appeal and to act as a sound barrier.

Develop Solutions

In this design we included lots of innovative ideas. We reused recycled shipping crates to give a Chicago feel. With the Roman colosseum structure and the shipping crates curvy edges a sound barrier is created that keeps the sound in the market and not spreading to the community. The sound barrier also protects the inside of the market from the sound of the outside roads. The market can also house a tarp that can be heavy duty In the winter and sun protective in the summer, it would be connected by the top of the buildings and would be removable at any time. There's room for the cars in the underground parking space which has a bathroom, stairs and elevator for disabled people. (elevators and escape emergency exits are also included in the back of the buildings)

Final Design

We decided to create a colosseum style market, using the shipping crates to create stores, and organizing them in a semi circle around the market. we will use artificial turf to create a nice spot for people to play, while saving water, reducing yardwork, and allowing the grass to look nice even in the winter. The usage shipping crates recycles something that would otherwise go to waste, creates interest in shoppers, and symbolizes how Chicago is an industrial capital of the world. In the center of the market we will put things to create entertainment for shoppers and families, such as a basketball court, a fountain, and a playground. We will also have a dining area so that families do not have to leave the market in order to recieve meals. Under the market we installed an underground parking garage, to provide ease of access to the thousands of people who will be at the marketplace.