oliviabeimel's locker

Design a new school locker


To redesign the locker at my school i would add: movable shelves, more hooks, outlets, and a small mini fridge. I would also make them wider and change the dial to a keypad.


leena 1 year ago
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Collect Info

At Johnsonburg area high school (my school), we have tall blue lockers with a dial. They are not wide at all and the shelves are too high up. Because i am so short, i have to stand in my locker to see the top shelf. My locker is very messy due to the lack of space and organization. I think they need to change to a new modern design instead of the ones from decades ago.


brianwilson 1 year ago
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Brainstorm Ideas

comes with 3 movable shelves which can also be removed, wider locker maybe by a foot, add more hooks in the back (3 in total), add an outlet, have the color be grey so it is universal, also add a mini fridge. Have other hooks plus a pencil cup on the door and a removable mirror on the door. Also change the dial to a number keypad.

Develop Solutions

The ideas i picked are: adding a mini fridge, changing the shelf format, changing the color to grey, changing the dial to a keypad, adding a removable mirror, hooks, and a pen cup on the door. I also made the locker wider.

Final Design

I changed a few things from my original drawing but i think this is a good redesign,