pjohnson33's project

2017 National DiscoverDesign Competition: Library + Community Space Design


Who are you designing for? I am designing for Little Italy/University community. Where are you designing? I am designing at 1339 W Taylor St.

Collect Info

West lawn Library has a good architectural look and it is a big 1 story building and is a local Library. Many ways of transportation to get there, theirs parking if you drive, Bike racks so you can take a bike, and there is a near by bus stop so you can take the bus if you want.

Chicago Lawn Library is a medium-sized building and are many ways to get there and is a local Library to everyone. It is an old building so it does not look that good.

I like libraries that have electronics to use for work online and is a nice quiet place to listen to music and do homework. I also like libraries that have a wide variety of books to choose for your favorite genre.

Brainstorm Ideas

Other building near my library is restaurants like burger king, etc. Homes that their children can come after school to do homework. If remodeled buildings nearby look nice they the library I am thinking about should be nice and maintained but not fancy where it stands out and it looks ugly.

Develop Solutions

I want the sun to be shining through the window and the curtains to block some of the sun it is not blinding to anyone. I want the lighting in my library to be dim but you can see clearly to create a calm environment.

Final Design

A big one story Library, that had a shelf with books but did not save progress.