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quincyking05's Bedroom Redesign 1#

Redesign Your Bedroom


I want to redesign a room that kind of like a man cave because as your growing up as a teenager all the child like toys may not interest you anymore. When I redesign my room I want it to be a sports like room and A gaming like room. I want the room to be a little bigger than your regular room so all my accessories for my room can look nice and neat, nut also have room to move around around the room so i can put an mini basketball hoop


James M. Jones 1 year ago
A bedroom is the place where we spend most of our time, so it should be a place where we feel happy and comfortable. I will have to visit resumewritinggroup.com reviews website in order to read reviews about essay writers. In this post I will share with you my redecorating story of my bedroom redesign.

Collect Info

and in All in All I want my room to be a room that represents me, nobody else but me and I also want my room to represent my love for sports because without it i don't know what i would do.

Brainstorm Ideas

What I want in my room is A desk for sure, I also want a basketball rim just in case i get bored or anything I would just play on my mini hoop and I would also want my PS5 in there so when i come home from school I can play on the game with some of my friends. Another thing I would want in my room is a gaming chair because when i sit on my bed and watch tv or play the game my back hurts but when i have a gaming chair to lean back on it is way better

Develop Solutions

The bedroom lengths : 12 feet Width : 10 feet Height : 8 feet these are the measurements to an average room.

Final Design

My Room is officially done and I feel like I have completed it to my liking and has done good on it. My room has Bed, Closet, drawer, Mirror,Mini basketball hoop, PS5, a gaming chair , and a desk. And I also added some light switches and outlets so my room can look more realistic. And I also have a big flat screen tv.