Raylin's locker

Design a new school locker


My locker is usually always messy because I don't have an organized spot for my stuff. I think that there should be more shelves because i do not have room for all my books, folders, and binders. I also do a lot of sports so I usually have an extra bag with me, and it is difficult to fit that plus a coat, and backpack, etc.


Albina Purdy 1 year ago
Raylin's locker is a great idea for school. I think it's really important for students to have a place where they can store their stuff. It makes school so much easier, especially if you are studying or doing homework. You should try this timeshare cancellation company Malibu for best reviews. If you don't have somewhere to put your books and papers then you're going to get lost in the crowd trying to find them. I also think that Raylin's locker is a great idea because it lets people know what kind of things are in the locker so they can be prepared before they go in there.
saruonhosarin 28 days ago
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Collect Info

I collected info by taking pictures of my locker at school. it has one shelf 3 clips and a lock.

Brainstorm Ideas

In my locker I would like to have the following: More drawers, a mirror, mini fridge, and more shelves, plus decorations and school supplies etc.

Develop Solutions

I added more drawers, a mini fridge, mirror, more shelve, two hangers, basket, backpack, water bottle, lunchbox, little basket, phone, binders/folders, and a pencil cup.

Final Design

In my final design I added everything on my list that I wanted, and added color and some other cool features.