Carry-in Crate PopUp Pavilion

Design Mash-Up: Popup Pavilion


The design problem is to create a pop-up pavilion that can be easily set up and taken down, and moved for different events. The pavilion will provide shelter, seating, and enough room for a small group to congregate. Events that might take place in the pavilion are picnics, music, movie projection, or board games. The pavilion must be able to withstand light wind, rain, or other light weather conditions, as well as shade from the sun on hot days. It must be easy to maintain, clean, and repair as needed.

Collect Info

Pavilion will be used at street fair settings. Can be used as shelter Has a sound component Is colorful and serves as a piece of art Optimal size for pavilion will be 20' w x 20' d x 20'h Must be made of modular components

Brainstorm Ideas

Using folded paper as a modeling medium for my pavilion What if the structure could be made of blow up supports (like in a bouncy house) Would that be ugly, or could I make it look ok? What if the pavilion was created by objects that people brought there, or moved around as they wanted? What are some other uses the pavilion could have (wifi, projection technology, sound) What if the pavilion was made out of materials found in nature, then "dismantled" by nature (re: Andy Goldsworthy) Could the pavilion also be an art installation? (re: Christo and Jeanne-Claude)

Develop Solutions

The pavilion will be built with simple elements that are brought into the site: plastic milk crates, large branches, and long strips of fabric. Milk crates are approximately 13" x13" x 11" . When flipped over, they provide seating. The pieces can be assembled in a variety of configurations for different pavilion dimensions. Lights can be strung in the branches.

Final Design

For my final design, I have created a park with views of the Carry-in Crate Pavilion. The concept is that the design components, milk crates, branches, and transparent fabric will be brought into a site, and arranged accordingly. The crates function both as seating and to hold the branches. The structure of the branches holds the fabric canopy above. The crates can be arranged in a number of endless configurations depending on the event. I have included diagrams of the design elements with dimensions, images of the pavilion, and diagrams of several configurations. You will see that participants can easily carry the components in and out of the site at the beginning and end of each event. The pavilion is both inexpensive to create, and very flexible in it's design. to see the video highlight, right click and choose Go to...