ricomarko27's Minecraft Project

MINECRAFT CHALLENGE: Redesign A Public Space


The location that I chose to build my park is located at 5825 S Kostner Ave. Its by a school called Pasteur Elementary school. The park already has a soccer field, baseball fields, and other activities. The playground is really small and it doesn't have many activities for the kids to play with. The playground only has 2 slides and 5 swings. I want to be able to add more activities in the playground for kids and I also want to add a calisthenics park. Calisthenics is gymnastic exercises to achieve bodily fitness and grace of movement. Its really hard to look for a calisthenics park that's near where you live. Parents could take there children to the park while they are working out. This will grab more attention to people because its a place where children can play but its also for elders to go and get their workout done. kids leaving from school will be seeing the adults working out and the kids will want to start doing calisthenics and it will help them stay out of the streets and focus on their body image. When I used to go workout in these types of park people and kids would just come to look at us workout and I started to notice that it would grab peoples attention to workout with us. The reason I want to build a calisthenics park is because the people who use this park will motivate and support more people to come and get in shape.

Collect Info

This park will promote human contact and social activities because it will have activities that will grab peoples attention. For example I want to add a wooden pergola roof so people can come to hangout, read and enjoy the weather outside. Also I can add calisthenics bar so people can workout together and motivate each other. I will add a community garden so that the community can come and plant their vegetables. And by adding this community garden it will promote people to come and be together.

Brainstorm Ideas

In my first sketch up that I drew I like it because everything is just organized and that's a park that I would love to go because it has multiple activities that a person can enjoy. In sketch up 2 I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and use circles instead of squares. In my first sketch up I could've done on organizing my stuff and putting them a little bit closer to have more space to be able to put more activities. I was thinking on adding a little water park or a basketball court but I thought it was going to be little too much

Develop Solutions

One of my ideas that I had in mind was to add a calisthenics park, a garden, and a dog park. One of my reason to why I decided to add a dog park was that people who lived around the area and has a dog could be able to come to this park and have a place for his dog to run around and play with other dogs. Having a community park with a playground and a dog park can be easy for a parent because they have everything in that park a dog park for his pet dog and a a playground for their children and a relaxing area that I will be adding. A reason to why I added a garden was simply to make it more pretty for elders to come look and smell the beautiful flowers that the park has. My final reason on why I added a calisthenics park was to bring fitness motivation for the community and for people who are struggling to get fit and also so because their isn't a lot of parks that have calisthenics parks here in Chicago

Final Design

Everything that I mostly designed from my collected information came to my final design for example my garden, calisthenics park, the playground and finally my relaxing area. I design these activities so that people can interact with each other and have them more involve in these activities. Each activity that I added to my community park has a purpose to why I added it. My community park will promote fitness motivation by designing a calisthenics park that makes you work out using your body weight and can inspire the youth to get into fitness and keep them out the streets by teaching them discipline and has they meet new people that inspired them to get into fitness the youth will hangout with people that will teach them and help them make right decisions in life. My relaxation is just for the parents so they can have somewhere to sit and watch their kids play in the playground because being a parent can be stressful and they need a place that can help them relax while their children are having fun in the playground. They can also sit by the garden and smell the beautiful flowers that are there and relax for while. The dog parks will be for families who have a dog so they can have a playground for their children and a dog park for the their dogs and be able to have both in one park so it wouldn't be a struggle for them looking for park where they can all have fun.