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2017 National DiscoverDesign Competition: Library + Community Space Design


Little Italy has population of 97,085 and most of which have access to the UIC libraries but have to pay 500 a year just to use them, and most residents have a associate degree or bachelors degree so nothing would really draw them into the library. Technology has become so advanced that people have stop going to libraries in the past years and now the common library that everyone has is in the palm of their hands, so this library will not be just any library it would be one where people can relate to like having more media based areas then paper areas, especially because the average age group is university students from the local university UIC.


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Collect Info

The Little Italy neighborhood is composed of an age group of around 18 to 24 years of age most of which have a masters or bachelors degree.The library will mostly serve teens and kids of the neighborhood giving them their very on neighborhood inside one city, this concept will allow teens to interact with their age while still being really close to the kids neighborhood. The idea is teach the importance of community will also letting the children do as they will with the space, like when a kid gets a present and all they want to play with is the box this is the say thing but with an open space so that they can interact with. The library although will have a nice importation devoted to the kids it will also have a space for older people, having more technology involved like maker lab. The library is located near the UIC campus which will bring students more into the neighborhood then just on the campus of UIC. The whole concept of this design is to get more people back into the library but not the old library that we all know, but a more modern one.

There is a CTA bus stop right outside of the library. Little Italy Demographics, Education:
Master's degree or higher 30%11% Bachelor's degree 27%19% Some college or associate's degree 18%29% High school diploma or equivalent 15%28% Less than high school diploma 11%13% Age:
<10 years 9% 10-17 years 7% 18-24 years 28% 25-34 years 23% 35-44 years 11% 45-54 years 8% 55-64 years 8% 65+ years 7%

Brainstorm Ideas

For inspirational and brainstorming ideas for the library I thought ideas like an underground library with a park in the middle, The below-ground vision will include garden storytelling, rolling hills and a sunken garden for reading and relaxing. It features an amphitheater, and music rooms where residents can practice on their instruments without disturbing neighbors. My floor plan idea was to have a garden in the middle o f the library, and to give community to the children that would come to the library and for this idea I got my inspiration from the newly renovated library at the Harold Washington Library. Thomas Hughes Children’s Library was designed as part of a master plan for the Chicago Public Library system to help children grow from spectators to active participants and as a parent incubator to support the city’s resources for caretakers. The design is based on the imaginative thrill of an empty box – where kids seem to have more fun with the box than the toy it contains. The design solution creates myriad possibilities for imaginative growth, with different areas for each reading level and places to foster social skills between similar ages, while a central plaza maintains visual connection between groups that is important for development and supervision. The space was conceived as part of Chicago Public Library’s vision for itself as “home of the curious” and features playful, reconfigurable furniture and a maker’s studio where parents and children can come together to create new things.

Develop Solutions

I work very hard everyday towards the design of the library going from very good designs but most did not fit my vision for the library. I had four different designs for the library one being closed library that would be placed inside the ground hidden from view, with a garden on top but this did not come to my liking. In my second idea for the library after this design I kind of stuck with the facade but fixed it up a little bit. In my third design it includes a view of the indoor/outdoor garden that was included in the first design of the library. My last and final idea I have the library , it took time to get the perfect design I had in mind. I fixed the facade and also finished the inside.

Final Design

For my final design my library came out to what had in mind. The library has a lobby area where one can sit while reading the library is include with free wi-fi. The restrooms can be located on the first floor it can be identified by the green wall and the maker lab, music rooms and colab tables can be identified by the blue wall. The facade of the library has an abstract roof with abstract curtain walls with an indoor/outdoor garden. The Library has free Wi-Fi for all the media uses, it has a maker Lab, ColabTables, three 3D printers, two Regular printers, Music Rooms, Computer Lab and an Indoor/Outdoor Garden. The media space inside the library includes the music rooms where people can come to play there instrument and/or sing. The second floor learning space is where most of the books will be placed, it includes tables and seating for those who would like to read, also features how abstract the ceiling is which is made of cork wood.


Competition Jury 3 years ago
Love that you have people in your renderings! Great interior spaces, but how does this work within the neighborhood? -AR
Competition Jury 3 years ago
Your final design is great. Would like to see more process work and description of how you arrived at your solution -SS
Competition Jury 3 years ago
You did a good amount of research. I feel like the flow of the interior really directed me somewhere. And I saw this as a place I could hang out in all day. -SS
Competition Jury 3 years ago
There is only one exterior shot and it’s hard to tell which side this was. I really liked the sky light in the center. -AR