RuthBlod's Bedroom Redesign

Redesign Your Bedroom


My room is unorganized and cluttered. There is too much going on that I can't focus in my room.


Jonathan D. Hanson 1 month ago
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Collect Info

My room is unorganized, cluttered, and cramped. Non of the colors in my room go together. There are different shades of wood and blue. I have so many drawers that my room is just filled with stuff I don't need, and I don't know where anything belongs. My carpet always gets dirty and is really hard to vacuum in all of the nooks and cranny's. It is also pretty dark in my room. Lastly all of the art and decor in my room is boring so I would like to add some cooler decor to make it more interesting. How do I make my room more matching with color? What could I do to brighten up my room? Is there a way to make everything less crammed and more organized?

Brainstorm Ideas

To improve my room I would like to organize everything and get new furniture that goes together. I would like only a night stand a move everything else out. I want some better lighting because my room is very dark. I also want a smaller bed so I have more room, different bed sheets, and a different, more neutral wall color. I would like to change my floors to hard wood too, and lastly add cool decor that makes my room interesting.

Develop Solutions

To solve the problems in my room i decided to replace the 3 drawers I have right now with one dresser and a night stand, replace the carpet with hard wood floors, get a smaller bed, paint the walls, add small simple decor, and get more lights to put around my room.

Final Design

I changed my bed, floors, furniture, decorations, and wall color.