This is a picture of where i will be placing  multifunctional green spaces located on 4954 S Loomis Blvd

S05amaro's Community Design

CAC Teen Design Challenge: INVEST South/West


In this competition I will be designing Multifunctional Green Spaces. I am going to place a garden and add some outdoor gathering space. The reason I am doing this is because the Lot on 4954 S Loomis Blvd is a eye soar to most people and needs some renovation. Another reason I am going to do this is to promote social health and community .One of the reasons I chose this location was because back of the yards is a low income area.

Collect Info

The lot that I chose to design this multifunctional green space is located on 4954 S Loomis Blvd. Located in the neighborhood of Back of the Yards . Back of the Yards is located on the southwest side of the city. There are 60,939 residents in Back of the Yards, with a median age of 32.3. Of this, 49.49% are males and 50.51% are females. US-born citizens make up 72.35% of the resident pool in Back of the Yards, while non-US-born citizens account for 10.09%. This multifunctional green space will serve Hispanics since most of the people that live by this area are Hispanic.

Brainstorm Ideas

What I am going to be doing here is come up with multiple ideas of stuff to put in my lot. I'm going to try to come up with multiple creative and unique thing.

Develop Solutions

In this section I am going to use my sketches and start creating my lot. I will be recording my progress everyday for 4 days.

Final Design

After weeks on working on this project I have finally finished. I designed some planters with a place to sit . I also designed a bench with planters behind them. The point of this project was for people to be doing stuff together as a community and that's what they will be doing while planting some vegetables/ plants. Another thing that I added was a playground for kids to play in .


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These are the Images that I submitted for the New House Project.