Prairie Ridge Cafeteria

Sam-Katie's Cafeteria Redesign

Redesign your school cafeteria


For most students, lunch is the only period to reboot, eat and socialize. We are designing for the Cafeteria in Prairie Ridge High School. The problem is, the cafeteria has an empty, sterile and uncomfortable environment that many students tend to avoid to find warmer spaces like the art room or foyer. The idea of creating a more friendly, encouraging room will not only motivate students, but lift up their own daily moods. The simple act of lighting up a dull cafeteria may make life itself more accessible.

Collect Info

We took a survey of 17 students in a classroom of what they think of the cafeteria how it is now and if they would like our idea of the redesigned cafeteria. We asked questions such as if they thought the Cafeteria was dull and needed more flavor, If they would prefer booths and tables vs. the lunch tables, Who wanted the lunch rooms painted a nice mint green color instead of keeping it white and how many people preferred to walk around the hallways during a commons period instead of sitting in the cafeteria. 17/17 of the students said yes to the first question, 9/17 agreed to the second, 10/17 agreed to green walls and 12/17 agreed to walking around instead of sitting in the cafeteria.

Brainstorm Ideas

In the Cafeteria we would like to design booths and better chairs/tables. Better lights around each of the tables and music played during each period. When sitting in the cafeteria most kids at school would rather be comfortable than to use the cafeteria tables. Soft booth chairs and smaller group tables we feel would be more preferred by the students as they could eat with their friends and also get homework done easier with it being less crammed at each table.

Develop Solutions

Our solutions for the cafeteria is making it a better, more comfortable place for people to hang out with their friends and get homework done during their free periods at school. Softer chairs and easier tables would fit the needs of the students. -Booths -Smaller grouped tables -Better lighting -Music

Final Design

Final design includes warm and bright tones, mint green walls to ensure a relaxing and refreshing feel to the room, Windows along the side of the wall outside to look out and Booths along the sides of all the walls with a separate area for chairs and tables so students have a wide variety of where they would like to sit. For going up to get your food it is still a pick and choose buffet viable for everyone to grab what that they would like.