Linwood e. temple waterfront park, bath me.

CHALLENGE: Redesign A Public Space - ITGS


I recreated a small piece of the Linwood E. Temple Waterfront Park located in Bath, Maine by implying the idea of making the park more accessible to more people. This could be done by adding more seating, and also trying to find local food stands to set up in the park at the open spaces.


Rharrison 1 year ago
I love the idea of adding some food stands. It would be nice to go there to eat lunch on a summer day. I also like that ypu have picked an actual site to work with for a park design.

Collect Info

In the public parks that people consider the best (Like Dolores Park, located in San Francisco, CA) the park has a big circle filled in with grass and very few trees placed around, I believe we should replicate this by cutting a tree or two out of the ground during a time where our park is empty. This would make the park Also it would be even better for the people who spend their time at this park to get food trucks to line up outside or near the park at certain times of the day, this will help to make the park also a nice and relaxing place to sit and eat.

Brainstorm Ideas

I believe the things we should do to the Linwood Waterfront Park in order to advance it and increase its usability is to, reach out to food trucks/food stands to get them to set up here at the park. I believe also we need to focus on clearing up more area so people can have less shade and more room to sit or relax in the sun.

Develop Solutions

After brainstorming, I believe the solutions we need to implement into the Linwood Waterfront Park are, providing more service for occupants, and also clearing up some natural obstructions like trees. The reason why we should have services like food trucks or small stands with refreshments is because it'd help out the people giving us those services by funding their business, it would just be simply easier for the people at the park to just walk a few feet to a stand, buy your food, and sit back down at their designated picnic spot. In addition, the reason why I feel that we need to clear up some of the trees in the park is because, when you have multiple stray trees randomly placed throughout the grass that stand in the way of a clear view it gives a cramped feeling. Adding on to that thought, it also serves as an obstruction for people who want to do physical activities such as kicking a ball around, or running after each other.

Final Design

For my final design, I recreated the park again, except with more details than the rough draft shown above. The details I added were to help image my thoughts and concepts, such as where the food stands would be and an idea for their preferred dimensions. The food stands should be around a width and height of 8 feet, with a length of 5 feet. The stands made in the Minecraft representation are just placeholders since food stands can come in many different forms, although the preferred types should be the wheel-able ones, just so they can easily move around if changes are needed, or if anything comes up. Adding on to that, I also took a screenshot of the recreated playing/picnic areas, just to help imagine where the trees should be cut down and how it would look afterward.