sserna30's project

2017 National DiscoverDesign Competition: Library + Community Space Design


I'm designing because I was assigned to this task by my teacher to create a library. The location is at the Little Italy/ University Village community.

Collect Info

There's a bunch of restaurants and there really isn't a lot of library or bookstores around.

Brainstorm Ideas

I think libraries should be around neighborhoods, schools, and universities because libraries don't just offer books but wifi and computers which can help students and people who have jobs and need a working space.

Develop Solutions

I'm trying to solve the issue of kids not having the proper necessities to study and do homework. So basically my library would offer WIFI which is a very common issue for lots of kids which is lack of internet access and I would also have computers and obviously books.

Final Design

So my library is three floors. First floor is full of all kinds of books. Second floor is some books, but mostly computers. Third floor consists of vending machines and a cafe.