Riverdale educational barge

Newhouse Architecture + Design Competition


Point of interest: Riverdale, Chicago. The Riverdale community is worn down, poor, and lacks proper education. Given the low socioeconomic status, many teens and kids in this area do not have a quiet space to do their school work, or a place to have some time for themselves. Also, because of this rough neighborhood, many people are involved in bad activities, so giving them a safe space to just hangout and relax would be helpful for the community. In the long run, we believe that the construction of an educational center in Riverdale would make it a safer environment. Our goal is to create a meaningful, inviting, and productive space for young individuals capable of great things.


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Collect Info

Great Rivers Chicago's main goal is to make the shores of the Chicago, Calumet, and Des Plaines rivers more lively, productive, and inviting. They want to provide everyone with the opportunity to find a space for themselves. wants to liven up the riverside, and are currently working on 4 projects to expose the public to the 156 mile river. Specifically in Riverdale, there are 16 miles of mostly empty river banks. Through our research, we have found that in wealthier surrounding areas, cities have been able to create public spaces on barges around their large downtown areas because of the easy access a majority of the citizens have. Many of these public spaces can be seen on the Chicago Riverwalk, a 1.25 mile path along a affluent part of Chicago. Also, we learned that the most basic and useful way of accessing the river was by steps that lead down to a platform.

 We agreed that the way to access the barge is by road from E. 134th street/South Vernon Avenue (near Golden Gate Daycare Center). We will buy the land needed (35’x192’) along the river and will construct the library there. In terms of gaining economical support, we hope to gain the support of the people of Riverdale. Their contributions could change their lives, so we believe that they will be more than happy to provide some of their earnings. After all, this project is a community effort to improve living conditions.


RennaTarrance 2 years ago
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Brainstorm Ideas

Being on a barge makes the construction process easier because we do not need to worry about surveying the terrain and other environmental conditions. Also, I feel that building on a barge gives us more freedom because we can build in any direction, and in any manner, without as many constraints.

Our barge consists of an outdoor area, so from time to time, the library can host a community get-together. There could also be music, fun games for children, and it could maybe even function as a place for small businesses to present their ideas/sell their products. Inside the library, we believe that there could be book sales constantly, or events for kids such as read-alouds. The possibilities are endless! Building a library was a great choice because it could accommodate so many different activities. It truly will benefit the community!

Develop Solutions

To help Riverdale, our solution was to build a tutorial center/library. Our barge will help Riverdale because the community would benefit from a safe space for students to go and study or hang out. People can also get help with problems in school, or they can go there just want to talk to someone. Overall this will promote learning and make Riverdale a safer, more inclusive community.

-1st Floor => 3 rooms: Reception/Main Entrance Room, Library, Kids Room -2nd Floor => Tutorial Center, Teen Room -Modern Design -Outside: greenery (trees and small bushes), tables Facilities: Wifi 2-3 computers Table, chairs Volunteers from nearby areas, retired teachers, etc. Vending Machine Bathrooms/Water Fountains Indoor: Ping pong Table Pool table Indoor games: board games, cards, etc. Tutorial area: 2-3 computers, school supply area Bean bags

For our barge, we plan to use simple materials such as wood, stucco/concrete, and bits of glass. We want to make the exterior look nice, while still using humble materials. We believe that expensive materials will not fit in well with the community.

Final Design

Our final design has libraries on the first and second floor (first floor for elementary school children and second floor for teens) as well as places for kids of all ages to hang out. In the libraries, the students can also do homework and get help in school if they are struggling. If they are having issues at home or at school they can also come in and talk to a trusted adult who will help them work through their problems. Also, in the library area, we have an arts and crafts area for elementary school students to learn to express themselves through art as well as learn basic life skills. Our teen center has a pingpong table and pool table also for students to wind down and have some fun. All in all, our barge is created to provide a safe space for students to hang out and socialize while getting away from the pressure of family life and school.

What do you think of our design?