xcozash's Food Stand Design

Design a food stand for your school


The Cafeteria is where staff and students get something to eat and drink. A good place for a food stand would be either by the east cafeteria stairs or in the courtyard, depending on what food is being served. It would appear with the following features: -An above sign that says "Buccaneer Grub" -A menu is shown on an A-frame sign next to the cart, while pictures of specials are shown throughout the front of the cart. Because of the open design of the cart, people may see the food be prepared and served inside the cart in an indirect display. -A drawer at the top of the cart for easy access money transactions.

  • A large compartment on the bottom of the cart is used to keep foods, ingredients, and drinks refrigerated. -Food needed to be kept warm is freshly prepared upon order. -Space behind the cart dedicated to storing boxes of food ingredients. -A nearby outlet connected with an extension cord for electrical power. -Wheels located at the feet of the cart and a hook for school golf carts to use are present to bring the cart inside to the cafeteria for secure storage when the stand is closed, while the food ingredients may either be brought back separately to the Culinary classroom or sanitarily disposed of.


Collect Info

The location that receives the most foot traffic would likely be between the cafeteria and the East side staircase, while the entrance that receives the most foot traffic would likely be the main entrance next to the front office. Healthy food options like breadsticks and broccoli currently available to the students abide by strict regulations, and my food stand must accommodate by switching conventionally offered foods to healthier alternatives, such as switching from regular fries to carrot fries.

Brainstorm Ideas

It will be located near the school's cafeteria. Specifically, the cart will be located in the courtyard, along the cafeteria side opposite of the office. A large portable umbrella would be used to shade the vendors and cooks at the cart from the sun. The stand would likely be made from steel and aluminum, while wheels would be made of rubber and the hook would be made of mostly iron. This combination would provide durability against the weather as well as temperature insulation, effective distribution of weight and mobility, and better ability to withstand the force of hooked vehicles, respectively.

Develop Solutions

I made my model by cutting and folding paper and held it together with tape. Every square centimeter on the model represents a square foot.

Final Design

Areas and objects as a part of the cart were labeled and placeholder wheels were added for better relative comparison of the real cart.