xserbjs's Food Stand Design

Design a food stand for your school


My Cart is actually a trailer that can be pulled by a ball and hitch. The trailer is a 12 x 7 x 7. It houses a Stove top, sink, refrigerator, air fryer, oven, cabinetry, floating shelf, and LED/ halogen lights above. The trailer will be fitted with a breaker box capable of a 5o AMP maximum power usage. This is plenty of power for main power using utilities like the refrigerator and the oven.


Collect Info

The 50 AMP connection plug will run under ground inside a 1/2 PCP pipe to an independent breaker box. The trailer will be positioned on an existing or preexisted pad of concrete. The trailer will be in a location where it can easily be towed to another area if needed. Water will T-off from the sprinkler origin point for water.

Brainstorm Ideas

Another idea I had was to make the building permanent in location instead of on a trailer. Trailers are not well insulated and in most cases; not enough room for electrical wires and plumbing.

Develop Solutions

The trailer will be in the North East portion of the picnic pad. It has comfortable seating arraignments and an over head shield from the sun. This is the optimal area when taking account for weather, crowds, and seating.

Final Design

The trailer consists of all utilities necessary for the selling of Chinese food and offers a variety from the lunch room. The trailer will be parked in the picnic area facing the lunch room and has an over heard cover against rain and sun for everyday access at lunch time to the food trailer. The line of consumers will come from the middle of the court yard. After all seats are taken, consumers are required to find seat away from trailer.