Box of Burritos and Tacos

Design a food stand for your school


Students and staff can get something to eat or drink in the lunchroom. However, the cafeteria provides limited options for food. Adding a food stand will help make a profit for the school while providing alternative lunches to students and teachers. The food stand could go on the high school side of the cafeteria on the concrete slab where the picnic tables are located. This location will provide enough customers, but will not create an overflow of traffic. The food stand will by 10 feet by 6 feet with an aunting. It will have access to an outlet and a water source since it is relatively close to the cafeteria. The signage will be a chalkboard that is attached to the stand, which will include options such as burritos and tacos. The display window will be on the side facing the lunchroom doors, so it will catch people's attention. To store money securely, there will be a cash register next to the window, and the food stand will have the ability to be locked up when not in use. In order to keep food warm, the stand will have a heated countertop that doubles as a display window for the customers to preview the food. Additional storage space will consist of having a prep table that will have storage cabinets underneath it. There are several outlets outside that are relatively close to where the food stand will be, so it would be simple to run an extension cord to it. The window will have a steel rollup commercial door to secure the items inside the food stand. Also, bars will be able to slide under the door to further secure the stand. The menu will only be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays due to the lunchroom providing healthy options, and to keep customers excited and interested. Instead of cooking each item to order, the meat for burritos and tacos could be made before lunch, and then kept warm by putting boiling water underneath it.

Collect Info

The front of the school receives the most foot traffic, but it is far from the cafeteria. An alternative option is to place the food stand next to the lunchroom. Healthy options that are available to students are salads, and fruits and vegetables are provided with every meal. The new stand needs to accommodate the need for fresh food, such as new and exciting options. The lunchroom often serves very similar lunches everyday, and the food stand would offer tasty alternatives.

Brainstorm Ideas

The food stand will be located next to an entrance to the cafeteria. Since the food stand will be located in a shaded area, the sun is not a significant factor to its location. The stand will also be able to keep food warm and cold, so heat from the sun is not a large factor. Metal, preferably steel, will be used to build the food stand. The foldable awning will be made out of polyester fabric.

Develop Solutions

I used cardboard to create a model of my food stand. The roof of the model is detachable so the inside is easily accessible.

Final Design

Final design is painted and decorated.