ZitaoLi's locker

Design a new school locker


The bike rack is design for the student at the school, the bike rack design at the outside at the school, Because some student they ride a bike to school but the school do not have bike rack so they need to lock the bike at somewhere then they have to walk to school, if the school have bike rack then they can lock the bike at the bike rack that is much convenience and safety.

Collect Info

The bike rack is design nearby school,when the student ride a bike to school they lock their bike at the bike rack but they should have their own locker, after they lock their bike they can go to school, after school they take they locker and take a bike home. That is much convenience to those student who want to ride a bike and the student don't need to worry their bikes being stolen.

Brainstorm Ideas

The bike rack idea is the bike rack can lock the bike but people also can sit on the bike rack, if not much bike lock at the bike rack then people can sit on the bike rack because the bike rack this wide like the chair at the park that have gap at the chair, but this bike rack's gap is for lock the bike, the bike rack set under the canopy, if rainy people can go into the canopy then they won't get wet.

Develop Solutions

Final i fix the chair that design for the bike rack, the chair that should be can pick up and push down,because if some people's bicycle tires is big they can't push the bicycle into the gap they can pick up the plank and push in. if people want to sit no bicycle lock at there they can push down the plank and sit, the canopy is design bigger if the weather is not good more people can hide in the canopy.

Final Design

The bike rack's material is metal because the metal won't easy to broken. the top side is the chair part material use the wood the wood can let people feel much comfortable the canopy use the wood at two side but most of it is the glass the sunlight can illuminate the inside of the canopy. beside the bike rack is the school and the tree set set near by the school.