2017 National DiscoverDesign Competition Winners

The 2017 National DiscoverDesign Competition challenged students across the country to design a Chicago public library in the Little Italy neighborhood to improve access to this public resource, and present a digital or physical model. This year 436 students participated in the competition challenge, yielding 129 completed student submissions for the jury to review, representing 20 schools from 9 states. A jury of four architecture and design professionals reviewed student work and deliberated over which projects would receive the final awards. Thank you to the jury for their time and expertise.

Introducing the competition winners:

Jurors selected ten finalists including first, second, and third place winners. The first place winner is Jake Faulkner (Bentonville High School, Bentonville, Arkansas). The second place winner is Jared Patterson (Advanced Technologies Academy, Las Vegas, Nevada). The third place winner is Steven Snow (Bentonville High School, Bentonville, Arkansas).

The finalists are Adam Baker (Bentonville High School, Bentonville, Arkansas), Harleigh Brandon (Bentonville High School, Bentonville, Arkansas), Monette Felipe (Advanced Technologies Academy, Las Vegas, Nevada), Virginia Hammond (Bentonville High School, Bentonville, Arkansas), Lauren Jasper (The Ellis School, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), Madison Shell (Bentonville High School, Bentonville, Arkansas), Denver Smith (Bentonville High School, Bentonville, Arkansas). Thank you to all of the competition participants, and a special thank you to the teachers who supported them and encouraged all of their hardwork.

The finalists with honorable mention are Kayley Beard (Alpharetta High School, Alpharetta, Georgia), Tavion Byrd (Curie Metro High School, Chicago, Illinois), Jamie Centeno (Advanced Technologies Academy, Las Vegas, Nevada), Junteng Chen (Curie Metropolitan High School, Chicago, Illinois), Courtney Ewin (Bentonville High School, Bentonville, Arkansas).

The Chicago Architecture Foundation has hosted this national ideas competition since 2012 when DiscoverDesign was first launched. In 2016, DIscoverDesign underwent major updates to improve the student and teacher experience. View more student work from the competition in the Student Gallery




Honorable Mention: